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Terrence Earl Maltbia

Professional Background

Educational Background

Teachers College, Columbia University, New York, New York

E.ED. Department of Organization and Leadership, Adult Learning and Leadership/AEGIS

Dissertation Title: The Journey of Becoming a Diversity Practitioner: The Connection Between Experience, Learning and Competence, Professor Victoria J. Marsick Committee Chair

Academy of Human Resources Development-s Malcolm S. Knowles Dissertation of the Year Award Recipient April, 2002

Teachers College, Columbia University, New York, New York

MA, Workplace Learning and Organization Psychology

The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio

BS, Business Administration

Scholarly Interests

Strategic learning, leadership and organizational development, executive coaching and diversity.

Selected Publications

The Journey Toward Becoming a Diversity Practitioner: Connections Between Experience, Learning and Competence, AHRD 2002 Conference Proceedings

Fifth International Transformative Learning Conference: New York, NY November 2003. Paper Topic: Leveraging Diversity-A Process of Personal and Organizational TransformationPaper

Annual Academy of Human Resource Development Conference: Austin, TX March 2004. Topic: Becoming a Diversity Practitioner-The Connection between Experience, Learning and Competence, "Cutting Edge" Award

Annual Academy of Human Resource Development Conference: Austin, TX March 2004. Paper Topic: Leveraging Diversity-Strategic Learning Capabilities for Breakthrough Performance

Diversity's Impact on the Executive Coaching Process, Academy of Human Resource Development 2005 Conference Proceedings

Leaders Guide to Leveraging Diversity: Strategic Learning Capabilities for Breakthrough Performance, In Press,  Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann

current projects

Prof. Maltbia is working on his first book: A Leader's Guide to Leveraging Diversity and Teaching Research and Strategic Learning Classes for the Department of Adult Learning and Leadership.

biographical information

Dr. Terrence (Terry) E. Maltbia, Principle, Organizational Effectiveness Consulting and Training (Ofx), with over 20 years of diverse experience as an executive, external and internal consultant and sales professional. He works with clients to implement research-based best practices focused on leveraging human capital assets in pursuit of achieving extraordinary results.

Prior to forming Ofx, Terry held several management positions with Westvaco Corporation (now MeadWestvaco) including OD Center of Excellence Leader; Director, Training & Leadership Development; Group Manager, Marketing Personnel Development; Manager, College Relations and Corporate Employment and Field Sales Manager. He began his career in field sales with Westvaco Corporation directly out of college. Terry has also held senior consultants positions with both the Alexander Group and Rath & Strong (process improvement).




ORLD 5061: The learning organization

This course describes theory and practice in creating learning organizations. In-depth attention is given to action science as a framework for organizational learning. Readings and case studies provide insight into learning at individual, group, and organizational levels. ORLD 5055 or its equivalent is a prerequisite. Education Leadership Ed.D. students are exempt from the prerequisite.

ORLD 5821: Leveraging emotional intelligence (EQ) to enhance organizational effectiveness

Leveraging Emotional Intelligence (EQ) to Enhance Organizational Effectiveness will explore research, best practices, and future directions. Students will learn to select among popular EQ assessment and measurement tools, distinguish between cognitive learning and emotional learning strategies, effectively position the business case for EQ, and evaluate the effectiveness of EQ learning strategies. Participants will receive personal profiles based on three popular EQ assessments and applied insights to leadership development strategies including executive coaching.

ORLD 5822: Building productive relationship with social intelligence (SQ)

The Workplace Learning Institute. Building Productive Relationships with Social Intelligence (SQ) describes the components of the emerging emotional economy and why its important to organizational performance, expand EQ capability by amplifying social intelligent components, examine the social neuroscience behind the dynamics of productive relationships, combine non-verbal agility to expand empathic accuracy for improved communication, and develop foundational human interaction skills to enhance relationships. Participants will examine the results of 2 assessments: (1) NBI (Thinking Style) and (2) Team Roles Inventory with a focus on devising small group and team development interventions.

ORLD 5823: Building 21st century organizational capability with cultural intelligence

The Workplace Learning Institute. Building 21st Century Organizational Capability with Cultural Intelligence (CQ) students will learn a strategic learning and leadership framework used to guide cultural diversity interventions in organizations, examine the theoretical and philosophical foundations associated with evidence-based cultural diversity strategies, explore a set of core practices informed by important leadership questions, experiment with sample tools designed to launch strategic cultural diversity processes, apply strategic diversity learning and change process to personal project to integrate key learning. Participants will examine how three assessments (i.e., Culture in the Workplace Questionnaire, CQ Assessment, and Bennetts Intercultural Development Inventory) can be used to inform the design and implementation of various learning strategies focused on building a leveraging diversity capacity in the workplace.

ORLD 6900: Research and independent study in adult education

Permission of instructor required.


Documents & Papers

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Centers and Projects

The Cahn Fellows Program for Distinguished Public School Principals

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