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Thomas Hatch

Professional Background

Educational Background

Ed.D, Harvard Graduate School of Education, 1992; Ed.M., Harvard Graduate School of Education, 1984;  A.B.,  Brown University, 1983.

Scholarly Interests

School reform; teaching and learning; teacher research; and human development.

Selected Publications

Thomas Hatch ( 2009).  Managing to change:  How schools make improvements in turbulent times.  New York:  Teachers College Press.

Thomas Hatch & Desiree Pointer (2007).  Making teaching public:  A digital exhibition.  Teachers College Record. 

Thomas Hatch (2006).  Improving schools in turbulent times.  The New Educator, 2, 267-276. 

Thomas Hatch with Melissa Eiler White, Jason Raley, Kimberlee Austin, Sarah Capitelli, and Deborah Faigenbaum (2005)Into the classroom:  Developing the scholarship of teaching and learningSan Francisco:  Jossey-Bass. 

Thomas Hatch, Dilruba Ahmed, Ann Lieberman, Deborah Faigenbaum, Melissa Eiler White, and Desiree Pointer Mace (Eds.) (2005).  Going public with our teaching:  An Anthology of PracticeNew York:  Teachers College Press.

Thomas Hatch, Melissa Eiler White & Deborah Faigenbaum (2005).  Expertise, Credibility, and Influence:  How teachers can advance the field.  Teachers College Record. 107 (5).

Meredith Honig & Thomas Hatch (2004).  Crafting coherence: How schools strategically manage multiple, external demands.  Educational Researcher, 33 (8), 16-30.

Thomas Hatch (2002). When improvement programs collide. Phi Delta Kappan. 83 (8), 626-634.

Thomas Hatch (2001).  It takes capacity to build capacity, Education Week, 20(22), 44, 47.


useful web sites

Please see the NCREST website for recent projects and NCREST's Images of Practice to see multimedia websites that document teaching and learning in a variety of classrooms in the New York area.  
See also related work of the Carnegie Knowledge Media Lab
and the Gallery of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
for examples of previous efforts to develop new ways to use multimedia to represent and learn from teaching.
The online syllabus for the C&T 4004 School Change, can also be found at:


C&T 4004: School change

Major themes include state of the field regarding school change, schools as social organizations, the individual in the organization, theories of change, and implementation strategies and processes.