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Toni Liquori

Professional Background

Educational Background

B.A. Emmanuel College, Boston, MA
MPH School of Public Health, Columbia University
Ed.D. Teachers College, Columbia University

Scholarly Interests

  • Design, implementation and evaluation of school-based intervention programs
  • Coalition building for activism around food-related issues
  • Planning, project development, teaching and training in public health
  • Qualitative research methods

Selected Publications

HBSV 4013: Nutritional ecology

Dr. Liquori and Professor Gussow. A course for nonmajors and majors. Nutrition and food as viewed from a global, ecological perspective. Topics include food/population problems and food aid, food product development and promotion here and abroad, energy and food relationships, food safety and the changing American diet, organic agriculture and natural food, biotechnology, and other topics as appropriate.

HBSV 4014: Community nutrition

Ms. MacKenzie. This course provides an understanding of where and how food and nutrition services are delivered to further the national goal of healthy people in healthy communities and of the roles of nutrition professionals in providing these services. Nutrition services, both private and government-sponsored, will be the primary focus. The course includes 35-40 hours of concurrent field experience. Nutrition students only.

Toni Liquori appeared in the following articles:

Does It Do the Body Good? (10/6/2003)