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Teraesa S. Vinson

Professional Background

Educational Background



1995-2000                   University of Florida                       Doctor of Philosophy 8/00

                                                                                                       Master of Science 5/97,
Gainesville, Florida                      Counseling Psychology


1991-1995                   Spelman College                               Bachelor of Arts 5/95            

Atlanta, Georgia                                    Psychology

Scholarly Interests

Selected Publications

CCPJ 4000: Multicultural Psychopathology

Introduces students to the manifestation, etiology, assessment, and treatment of mental disorders. Special attention is paid to how racial, cultural, gender and other socio-cultural variables influence the manifestation of psychopathology. Discussion of the uses of DSM in the assessment and diagnosis of mental disorders will be emphasized.

CCPJ 5060: Assessment in Counseling Psychology

The course is designed to provide an overview of the basic principles, theories, issues and practices in the field of psychological testing. Tests of both cognitive and personality functioning will be included, with emphasis on identification of both problems and strengths. Special fee: $40.

CCPJ 5061: Assessment in Counseling Psychology

Open only to doctoral students in Counseling Psychology. Students will explore a range of contemporary issues in testing and will also receive supervised testing experience in a hospital or clinic. This course is offered in the spring only for the students who have completed CCPJ 5060.

CCPJ 5062: Career Counseling and Development

General concepts of career development and methods of assessment in career counseling. This course also highlights various issues related to the career development of diverse client populations in light of contemporary socio-political phenomena. Materials fee: $40.

CCPJ 5371: Foundations of counseling

Permission required. Limited enrollment. Prerequisite: For majors section, admission into the Ed.M. program in Psychological Counseling or Ph.D. program in Counseling Psychology, CCPJ 4064 completed or taken concurrently; for non-majors section, CCPJ 4064 recommended but not required. A laboratory experience for counselors and others in the helping professions. Practice in clarifying, understanding, and responding to personal communications. Graduated exercises and videotapes are used to develop counseling and interviewing skills and desirable counselor attitudes. Special fee: $30.

CCPJ 5372: Foundations of counseling skills II

Permission required. Limited Enrollment. Continuing laboratory experience for helping professionals in further development of basic counseling skills with emphasis on increasing ones self-awareness and self-reflective ability. Practice and experience in attending, influencing and helping skills through in-class discussions, experiential activities, weekly journals, and counseling/clinical integration. Exploring assets and defenses that may facilitate or hinder therapeutic transactions.