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Uzma Amreen Akhand

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Uzma currently works full-time as an educational consultant with three schools in the Bronx, supporting teachers with curriculum development and effective pedagogical strategies. Her focus is on literacy, but she works with teachers from all content areas. She has also worked with teachers in New Jersey and Utah, in elementary schools and mostly secondary schools. She taught high school for five years in Connecticut and New York City, 7th through 12th grades, and 12 AP English. She has led several workshops and professional development sessions, with teachers and administrators, around Backward Design curriculum planning and other modes of reflection on teacher and student work. Uzma is a doctoral student in English Education at Teachers College, Columbia University.

A&HE 4751: Field work and observation in secondary English

Majors only. A series of guided observations of schools, teachers, and students. Student teachers will synthesize theoretical knowledge with intense practical experience to integrate educational philosophy with the reality of day-to-day life teaching in a secondary English language arts classroom. Special fee required.

A&HE 5518: Teaching English in diverse social/cultural contexts

A seminar examining how gender, class, race, ethnicity and sexual orientation issues inform instructional goals, curriculum planning/implementation, and practices in the teaching of literature, language, and composition in English language arts classrooms. Special fee required.

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