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Vivian Lindhardsen

Professional Background

Educational Background

Scholarly Interests

Selected Publications


  • Lindhardsen, Vivian (2009): From Independent Ratings to Communal Ratings: A Study of CWA Raters’ Decision-Making Behaviors. The PhD School of Language, Law, Informatics, Operations Management and Culture, PhD. Series 1.2009. Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • Lindhardsen, Vivian and Christensen, Bjarne (2006 and 2002): Fremmedsprogenes Didaktik. Kroghs Forlag, Vejle, Denmark.
  • Lindhardsen, Vivian (2006): Selvevaluering af Proces, Produkt og Progression i Skriveundervisningen. Anglofiles, Vol. 139.
  • Lindhardsen, Vivian (2003): Skrivepaedagogik. In Engelsk – mere end et sprog. Kvan, Aarhus, Denmark.
  • Lindhardsen, Vivian (2002): Laeseforstaaelse – den oversete faerdighed i sprogproeverne. In Sprogforum, Vol. 2002:D.
  • Lindhardsen, Vivian (2002): Writing English. Systime, Aarhus, Denmark.

A&HL 4085: Pedagogical English grammar

A systematic, in-depth examination of English grammar with particular reference to the teaching and learning of grammar. Special fee: $15.

A&HL 5519: Instructed second language acquisition and assessment

Prerequisite: A&HL 4088. Examines how teaching, learning and assessment of grammar have been conceptualized, researched and explained in recent decades. Explores differing conceptualizations of language ability as a basis for teaching grammar under different conditions and as a basis for measuring and explaining grammatical acquisition. Special fee: $15.