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Programs and Areas of Study

Scroll down for your program or use the filters to the right to help narrow down the choices.


Art and Art Education (Arts and Humanities)

Arts Administration (Arts and Humanities)

Bilingual/Bicultural Education (Arts and Humanities)

English Education (Arts and Humanities)

History and Education (Arts and Humanities)

Music and Music Education (Arts and Humanities)

Philosophy and Education (Arts and Humanities)

Teaching of Social Studies (Arts and Humanities)

TESOL Certificate Program (Department of Arts & Humanities)

CIFLTE (Arts and Humanities)

Community Language Program (Arts and Humanities)

TESOL Certificate Program (Department of Arts & Humanities)

Neuroscience and Education (Biobehavioral Science)

Movement Science and Education (Biobehavioral Science)

Kinesiology (Biobehavioral Sciences)

Occupational Therapy (Biobehavioral Science)

Motor Learning and Control (Biobehavioral Sciences)

Clinical Psychology (Counseling & Clinical Psychology)

Counseling Psychology (Counseling & Clinical Psychology)

Psychological Counseling (Counseling & Clinical Psychology)

Psychology in Education (Counseling & Clinical Psychology)

Spirituality Mind Body Intensive (Counseling & Clinical Psychology)

Early Childhood Education (Curriculum & Teaching)

Early Childhood Special Education (Curriculum & Teaching)

Elementary Inclusive Education (Curriculum & Teaching)

Secondary Inclusive Education (Curriculum & Teaching)

Gifted Education (Curriculum & Teaching)

Literacy Specialist (Curriculum & Teaching)

Curriculum and Teaching (Curriculum & Teaching)

Economics and Education (Education Policy & Social Analysis)

Education Policy (Education Policy & Social Analysis)

Politics and Education (Education Policy & Social Analysis)

Sociology and Education (Education Policy & Social Analysis)

Developmental Disabilities (Health and Behavior Studies)

Intellectual Disability/Autism (Health and Behavior Studies)

Physical Disabilities (Health and Behavior Studies)

Severe or Multiple Disabilities (Health and Behavior Studies)

Applied Behavior Analysis (Health and Behavior Studies)

Deaf and Hard of Hearing (Health and Behavior Studies)

Diabetes Education and Management (Health & Behavior Studies)

Health Education (Health & Behavior Studies)

Nutrition (Health & Behavior Studies)

Nutrition and Exercise Physiology (Health & Behavior Studies)

Reading Specialist (Health & Behavior Studies)

School Psychology (Health & Behavior Studies)

Applied Development and Learning Psychology (Health and Behavior Studies)

Nursing Education (Health & Behavior Studies)

Measurement and Evaluation (Human Development)

Applied Statistics (Human Development)

Learning Analytics (Human Development)

Anthropology and Education (International & Transcultural Studies)

Applied Anthropology (International Transcultural Studies)

International and Comparative Education (International & Transcultural Studies)

Communication and Education (Mathematics, Science and Technology)

Computing in Education (Mathematics, Science and Technology)

Instructional Technology and Media (Mathematics, Science and Technology)

Media Technology Specialist (Mathematics, Science and Technology)

Communication (Mathematics, Science and Technology)

Technology Specialist K-12 Initial Certification (Mathematics, Science & Technology)

Online Masters in Computing in Education (Mathematics, Science & Technology)

Mathematics Education (Mathematics, Science & Technology)

Science Education (Mathematics, Science & Technology)

Adult Learning and Leadership (Organization & Leadership)

Education Leadership (Organization & Leadership)

Private School Leadership (Organization and Leadership)

Ph.D. in Education Leadership Program (Organzation and Leadership)

Executive Program for Nurses (Organization & Leadership)

Higher and Postsecondary Education (Organization & Leadership)

Social-Organizational Psychology (Organization & Leadership)

Summer Principals Academy NYC and NOLA (Organization and Leadership)

Summer Principals Academy NOLA (Organization and Leadership)

Summer Principals Academy NYC (Organization and Leadership)

Urban Education Leaders Program (Other Areas of Interest)

Columbia Coaching Certificate (Organzation and Leadership)

Conflict Resolution (Other Areas of Interest)

Continuing Professional Studies (Continuing and Professional Studies)

Family and Community Education (International and Transcultural Studies)

General Offerings (Other Areas of Interest)

Law and Educational Institutions (Educational Policy and Social Analysis)

Urban Education (Other Areas of Interest)

Columbia Coaching Certification Program (Organization and Leadership)

Bilingual Extension Institute (Biobehavioral Sciences)

Peace Corps Fellows Program (Office of Teacher Education)

School Law Institute (Educational Policy and Social Analysis)

TESOL Certificate Program (Arts and Humanities)

Did You Know?

There are more than 5,000 students enrolled at Teachers College.

Columbia University Alma MaterIn 1898, Teachers College became affiliated with Columbia University as a professional school for the training of teachers while retaining its legal and financial independence. Later that year, Teachers College and Columbia University adopted an affiliation agreement.

Mary Adelaide Nutting TC was home to the first university-based instructional program for nursing educators and administrators, created by Mary Adelaide Nutting.

James Earl RussellThe field of comparative international education originated at TC, where James Earl Russell taught the world’s first course in foreign school system.

John DeweyIn 1904, John Dewey, influential proponent of the progressive education movement, joined the faculty.

There are nearly 5,400 students enrolled at Teachers College.

TC offers the world's first graduate program in Learning Analytics through an innovative curriculum dedicated to improving education through technology and data analysis.

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