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Alumni Mentoring & Career Networking Program

Each year, alumni from different backgrounds, industries and years of experience give something back to Teachers College by becoming an Alumni Contact and/or Mentor. Volunteering with us is rewarding because you will have the opportunity to meet enthusiastic and talented students who are eager to learn about your field and what you do.  Teachers College Career Services clearly outlines all of your responsibilities which helps simplify the mentoring process.

By volunteering as an alumni contact or alumni mentor, you can help TC students develop the skills they need to thrive and succeed in their careers.  This program has been designed to assist TC students in making a smooth transition into the workplace and to support their networking skills.  This program has been designed to accommodate busy schedules and allows mentors and mentees to set their own timeline and mode of communication (email, telephone, in-person) to facilitate a mutually rewarding experience.

Alumni Contact - allow students to reach out to you and your organization in an effort to learn more about what your organization does.  This invaluable service helps potential candidates learn about your career path and organization.  It usually involves a telephone, email or in-person conversation.

Alumni Mentor - allow students to benefit from your expertise and knowledge as they grow in their own careers.  Through ongoing mentoring relationships students are able to develop career directions and gain “real world” perspectives on potential occupations and industries.  Students are also given the chance to network and gain insight into areas of interest beyond an academic setting.  In turn, you will develop stronger ties to TC students and have an opportunity to interact with and guide the next wave of professionals in your field.To get involved please contact the Office of Career Services at (212)678-3140, email or visit the Career Services website.