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Music and Music Education

Music & Music Education

In the Department of Arts & Humanities

Summer Intensive M.A. Program (Hybrid)

Teacher College's Summer Intensive Master of Arts Program is designed for public, private, community, studio, and international music teachers looking for a convenient way to obtain their master's degree and continue developing musical, pedagogical, and leadership skills while working with peers from around the world and an internationally acclaimed faculty.

Our Summer Program enables you to complete a Master of Arts in two or three summers, spending four weeks in the heart of NYC during the summer and taking one or two online offerings during the academic year. 

Teachers College Summer Intensive Program is guided by pedagogical and philosophical underpinnings that reflect current trends in rethinking and re-conceiving the teaching of music. This M.A. program requires 32 points in course work and will meet the recently conceived state and national teacher preparation standards.

Our graduate program will provide you with the analytical and critical skills required to integrate theory and practice, the hallmark of a Teachers College degree. Attending Teachers College you will have access to an unparalleled faculty and student body.

Join the Teachers College family and be the next leader who will champion music education in schools & communities around the world!

From Our Program Director

“Our summer intensive MA program allows you to continue to develop your musical, pedagogical, and leadership skills with peers from around the world while in the heart of the legendary music and arts scene in NYC. Receive an unparalleled education from our internationally recognized faculty to become a progressive leader in reforming music education and fostering social and economic sustainability. An invaluable opportunity to progress your career and be the next leader in championing music education in your community and around the world." — Dr. Harold Abeles

Dr. Hal Abeles

How to Apply

To apply for admission, please visit TC Admissions. We accept applications on a rolling, space-available basis. While there is no formal deadline for INSTEP, we highly recommend submitting your application by June 1, 2017 in order to be reviewed in time for summer classes.


Financial Aid

Our goal is to help remove financial barriers to assist students in meeting the cost of attendance at the institution. All students admitted into this selective program will receive tuition support from Teachers College through a special college allocation.

If you are interested in applying for Federal Student Aid, file online at Be sure to include the Teachers College school coded G03979. After we receive your FAFSA information from the Department of Education, within 14 days you will receive a financial aid award letter. We strongly recommend completing as early as possibly if you are planning to attend Teachers College this summer. 

The Financial Aid Office provides counseling and assistance in completing the financial aid application, evaluation and determination of need. For more information on the financial aid process please visit The Office of Financial Aid.  



Applicants seeking NY State Professional Certification must first hold a NY State Initial Certificate. Please visit the Office of Teacher Education for more information. 



There are multiple housing options as a Summer Intensive student. We recommend staying in or close to the Upper West Side or Morningside Heights to allow for a shorter commute to Teachers College, 525 W. 120th St. You will also be close to Central Park, Lincoln Center, and numerous internationally acclaimed museums and musical venues.

If you are interested in applying for Teachers College housing, we recommend contacting the Office of Residential Services for more information.

Housing for summer students is known as Summer Conference Housing and has a separate application process than school-year housing. If you are interested in applying for housing, please complete the Summer Conference Housing Application, and indicate that you are planning to enroll in the Summer Intensive M.A. program. Do not use the regular Housing Application for school-year programs.

The Office of Residential Services offers a limited number of spaces within the residence halls to accommodate persons attending summer conferences, classes, workshops, or interning. Conference guests and workshop attendees will be housed in the 517 West 121st residence hall.

For more information on housing please visit the Office of Residential Services.

For information about our campus location and the Columbia Morningside neighborhood, visit About TC.


Sample Two or Three Summer Course Sequence*

Summer I Course Sequence

Summer I: July (TC – NYC) 7 credits

A&HM 5032 Comprehensive Musicianship (3 credits)

A&HM 5025 Creativity and Problem Solving in Music Education (3 credits)

A&HM 435X Ensemble Performance: Vocal or Instrumental (1 credit)

Fall Semester I (Online or home location) 4 credits

A&HM 4201 Level I:  Field Work:  Instructional Strategies (2 credits)

A&HM 530X Lessons in primary performance area (home location**) (2 credits)

Spring I Semester (Online) Out of Program Elective Take One: 3 credits

MSTU 5002 Culture, Media, & Education (3 credits)

MSTU 4041  Technology & Democratic Education (3 credits)

A&H 4061  Introduction to Cultural Studies (3 credits)

MSTU 4141 Social Media & Learning (3 credits)

HBSE 4001 Teaching Students w/Disability (3 credits)

Summer II Course Sequence

Summer II:  July (TC – NYC) 7 credits

A&H 5002  Assessment Strategies in the Arts (3 credits)

A&HM 5020  Foundations of Music Education (3 credits)

A&HM 435X Ensemble Performance Vocal or Instrumental (1 credit)

Fall II Semester (Online) Out of Program Elective - Take One: 3 credits

MSTU 4005 Equity, Ethics and Social Issues, & Technology (3 credits)

ORLD 4827 Fostering Transformative Learning (3 credits)

HUDK 4029 Cognition and Learning (3 credits)

MSTU 4010 Theories of Communication (3 credits)

MSTU 4050 Online Schools & Online Schooling K-12 (3 credits)

Spring II Semester (Online or home location) 4 credits

A&HM 4201 Level II: Student Assessment (2 credits)

A&HM 530X Lessons in primary performance area (home location**) (2 credits)

Summer III Course Sequence*

Summer III:  July (TC – NYC)  4 credits

XXXX 1111 Out of Program Elective (3 credits)

A&HM 435X Ensemble Performance: Vocal or Instrumental (1 credit)

Program Notes

* Taking an extra semester of lessons in a primary or secondary performance area during the fall or spring and taking an extra online outside elective can eliminate the need for a third summer.

** Lessons can be taken with an approved instructor near where student lives.



Summer Intensive M.A. Degree Requirements:

Visit Master of Arts (M.A.) to view the course requirements for the Summer Intensive M.A., as they are the same.

Download the Graduation Portfolio Requirements (pdf) below for guidelines on the portfolio requirements.


More Information for Admitted Students:

Please view the Handbook for more information:


Program Contact:

For more information, please contact Lindsey CastellanoSummer Intensive M.A. Coordinator, Music & Music Education.


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