TC phones moving to RINGCENTRAL Friday March 11, 2016 | Teachers College Columbia University

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Computing @ TC

Computing @ TC

TC phones moving to RINGCENTRAL Friday March 11, 2016 The time has arrived for us to fully move to our new phone system

On Friday March 11, 2016 at approximately 11 am we will move Teachers College phone services to RINGCENTRAL.

By now you should have received your new phone and hopefully you have had a chance to make calls out with it. You should have also received training. In the event you have not attended training, we will be providing additional online training and training materials for your reference.

As a reminder, the new phone system is a unified communications system that brings ease of a traditional phone system with extended features like voicemail integration with Gmail and click to dial.

What you should know?

1. Once we have a confirmation of the change to RINGCENTRAL, we will send out a community message.

2. Your new phone is user specific to you, so please do not swap the phone with another user. (Everyone has the same model phone.)

3. The new phone will now have your TC phone number associated with it.

4. You will be able to use the four-digit extension to call within the college.

5. You do not need to dial 9 and then 1 when dialing outside the college. We will be sharing features beyond the phone calls in the coming weeks and months.

6. At the time when we are ready you will receive a notice regarding collection of the old phones.

On Friday and the following Monday, there will be people from CIS and RINGCENTRAL stopping into offices and answering phones in the event there is an issue that needs to be resolved or to answer any questions.

You will be able to recognize us by our RINGCENTRAL shirts.

In the event you don't see one of us please contact the Service Desk by clicking on the red button in the top right of the portal or calling x3300.