ClassWeb is a flexible, scalable web-based courseware application that allows instructors and students to share course related information and conduct courses online in a secure environment.

A Brief Summary of ClassWeb Features:

ClassWeb is integrated with TC's Student Information System. Features may be chosen as desired from a wide range of options, including:

Syllabus: All information about the course, study guide, bibliography, materials, requirements, learning outcomes, and specific policies. Includes links to regulations, related courses and the home page.

Outline: Lists the activities for each week, or session. Click on individual sessions to add, edit and view activities, requirements, assignments and other resources and materials for that specific week.

Projects: A repository for describing group projects. These can be linked to sessions.

Lectures: A spot to put lecture notes. Students can print lectures out separately for off-line viewing.

Testing: Online quizzes and surveys may be posted here.

Grade Book: Instructors can manage course grading in the Grade Book, and allow students to see grades and comments posted.

Files: A place to store personal work and view work posted by other individuals and groups.

Messages: Shows class list with facilities for emailing entire class, groups, or individuals.

Discussions: The course bulletin board, where topics are posted and discussed online.

Utilities: The instructor's course management area. Add and delete features and participants, set permissions, create groups, track student activity, and other options.

Chat: With an integrated whiteboard, text and two-way audio chat, this feature allows synchronous connection at a distance. Includes anonymous polling, slide capability, private ‘rooms’ and much more.

eReserves: Allows faculty to interact with the library and post reserve materials online.

Portal: The portal option allows connectivity and collaboration across courses and groups system-wide, as well as calendaring, personal settings, news feeds, and much more.

New Features

Course Management:

Course Migration will allow transfer of content from one course to another course.

Students profiles will allow students to post information aboout themselves,their studies and academic interests.


Reviewed and redesigned for increased functionality and usability
Redesigned file management area
Spell checking now available in text boxes


Two-way audio capability
Dynamic anonymous polling,
Improved access control


Offline access to discussions with the use of a synchronizing plug-in

Ability to delete individual discussion messages


Complete courses and content modules can now be moved easily between instructors and installations, allowing faculty to share courses and modules.


ClassWeb now meets or exceeds level-one compliance for web accessibility under the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act.


Ability to import SCORM-compliant learning objects.

For information and inquiry please send a message to MyTCportal/ClassWeb Development Team.