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Teachers College, Columbia University
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General Information > Dialing Instructions

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General Information

Dialing Instructions


All Emergencies

  • Dial x3333

To make internal calls

  • Dial 4-digit extension number

To call Columbia University and associated institutions via voice tie lines

  • Dial 71 + 4 + four digit extension when dialing 854 exchange
  • Dial 71 + 3 + four digit extension when dialing 853 exchange

To call Columbia University via tie lines for modem connections to CUNIX and the Internet

  • Dial 714-3100

To make local calls

  • Dial 9 and telephone number

To make domestic long distance calls

  • Dial 9, 1, area code, and telephone number

To make international calls

  • Dial 9 for outside line
  • Dial 011 for international access code
  • Dial foreign country code
  • Dial local city code
  • Dial local telephone number
  • Allow 45 seconds for ring to begin

Foreign country and city codes can be found via online search by " country code listing".


  • Dial 0 for the TC Operator during normal business hours, Mon. - Fri. 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Telephone Repair and Service

  • For breakdowns and other service repairs call ext. 3456 during normal business hours Mon.-Fri.

  • For breakdowns or other service repairs (after normal business hours) dial ext.3777 for Security