Charles C Harrington
Professor Emeritus of Anthropology, Psychology and Education
International & Transcultural Studies

Educational Background

A.B., Syracuse University
Ph.D., Harvard University

Scholarly Interests

Human development in social and cultural contexts. The study of Pathmakers: resiliency, resistance, invulnerability and success in at-risk populations. Psychological anthropology and education. Psychoanalytic anthropology.

Selected Publications

Paths to Success: Beating the Odds in American Society (Harvard University Press).

Educational Policy in an Era of Conservative Reform (AMS Press).

Race, Sex, and National Origin: Public Attitudes of Desegregation (AMS Press).

Psychological Anthropology and Education (AMS Press).

ALERTA: A Multicultural, Bilingual Approach to Teaching Young Children. (Addison-Wesley)

A Psychological Anthropology of Depression.  in progress.

Published Articles, Chapters and Reviews

1997. "Jackson's Meadows: A Retrospective Foreword" Introduction to Communal Organization and Social Transition. New York: Peter Lang Publishing.

1993. "Making Culture and Making People." Contemporary Psychoanalysis 29(4): 251-271.  Discussion by Mary Lionells.

1990. "Review of Effective Education: A Minority Policy Perspective by C.V. Willie." Teachers College Record 92(1): 150-151.

1990. "Review of Central American Refugees & U.S. High Schools: A Psychosocial Study of Motivation & Achievements by Marcelo M. Suarez-Orozco." American Anthropologist 92(3): 768-769.

1987. (With S.K. Boardman and S.V. Horowitz) "Successful Women" in Larwood, L. & Gutek, B. (eds) Women's Career Development. Newbury Park, CA: Sage Publications. Pp 66-85.

1986. (With M.R. Barnett and P.V. White) "Education Policy in an Era of Conservative Reform" in Barnett, M.R. & Harrington, C. C. (eds) Educational Policy in an Era of Conservative Reform. New York: AMS Press. Pp vii-xvi.

1985. (With M. R. Barnett) "Perspectives on Desegregation in Public Education" in Barnett, M. R. & Harrington, C. C. (eds) Race, Sex and National Origin: Public Attitudes of Desegregation. New York: AMS Press. Pp ix-xv

1984. (With M. R. Barnett) "Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Equal Education" in Barnett, M. R. and Harrington, C. C. (eds) Readings on Equal Education: 7. New York: AMS Press. Pp ix-xvi.

1982. "Issues from the Issues." Anthropology and Education Quarterly 13(4): 323-346.

1981. "Bilingual Education: A View from 1980." Urban Diversity Series #68, ERIC-CUE. New York: Teachers College, Columbia University.

1980. "Textbooks and Political Socialization" Teaching Political Science 7(4): 481-500.

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1973. "Pupils, Peers and Politics" in Burnett, J. and Kimball, S. (eds) Learning and Culture. University of Washington. Pp 131-159.

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1968. "Sexual Differentiation, Socialization, and Some Male Genital Mutilations." American Anthropologist 70(5): 951-956.

1968. "The Myths of Ethnomusicology." American Record Guide, May: 865-868.

1966. (With M.L. Wilkins) "Treating the Social Symptoms of Mental Illness." Hospital and Community Psychiatry 17(3): 136-139.

1963. (with E. Cummings) "Clergyman as Counselor." American Journal of Sociology LXIX(3): 234-243.


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