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Joanna P Williams
Professor Emerita of Psychology and Education
Human Development

Educational Background

A.B., Brown University; Ed.M., Harvard University; M.S., Ph.D., Yale University

Scholarly Interests

Text comprehension. Beginning reading. Students with learning disabilities and other at-risk students.

Selected Publications

Williams, J. P., Stafford, K. B., Lauer, K. D., Hall, K. M., & Pollini, S. (In press). Embedding reading comprehension    training in content-area intruction. Journal of Educational Psychology.

Williams, J. P. (2008). Explicit instruction can help primary students learn to comprehend expository text. In C.C. Block & S. Parris (Eds.), Comprehension processes: Research-based best practices, 2nd edition. New York:Guilford Press.

Williams, J. P., Nubla-Kung, A. M., Pollini, S., Stafford, K. B., Garcia, A., & Snyder, A. E. (2007). Teaching cause-effect structure through social studies content to at-risk second graders. Journal of Learning Disabilities, 40, 111-120.

Williams, J. P. (2006). Stories, studies, and suggestions about reading. (Based on SSSR Presidential Address, Toronto, June 2005). Scientific Studies of Reading, 10, 121-142.

Williams, J. P., Hall, K. M., Lauer, K. D., Stafford, K. B., De Sisto, L. A., & deCani, J. S. (2005). Expository text comprehension in the primary grade classroom. Journal of Educational Psychology, 97, 538-550.

Williams, J. P., Hall, K.M., & Lauer, K. D. (2004). Teaching expository text structure to young at-risk learners: Building the basics of comprehension instruction. (S. Vaughn & J. P. Williams, Eds.) Exceptionality, 12, 129-144.

Williams, J. P. (2003). Teaching text structure to improve reading comprehension. In H. L. Swanson, K. Harris, & S. Graham (Eds.), Handbook of learning disabilities (pp. 295-305). New York: Guilford.

Williams, J. P., Lauer, K. D., Hall, K. M., Lord, K. M., Gugga, S. S., Bak, S. J., Jacobs, P. R., & deCani, J. S. (2002). Teaching elementary school students to identify story themes. Journal of Educational Psychology, 94, 235-248.