Dudek, Jessica L. (js408)

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Teachers College, Columbia University
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Dudek, Jessica
Director of the Transdisciplinary Behavior Analytic Program
Senior Behavior Analyst, CABASĀ® Associate Research Scientist, CABASĀ®
Health & Behavior Studies

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Educational Background

BA:  William Smith College
MA:  Teachers College, Columbia University
PhD:  Columbia University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

Scholarly Interests

Teaching as Applied Behavior Analysis
Verbal Behavior Analysis
Verbal Behavior Development
Observational Learning
Conditioned Reinforcement
Teacher Training
Curricular Assessment and Design
Evidence-Based Instruction
Single-Subject Research Designs

Selected Publications

Maffei-Lewis, J., Singer-Dudek, J., & Keohane, D. D.  (2014).  The effects of the 

     establishment of adult faces and/or voices as conditioned reinforcers for children with 

     ASD and related disorders.  Acta de Investigacion Psicologica (Psychological  

     Research Records), 4(3), 1621-1641.


Singer-Dudek, J., Choi, J., & Lyons, L.  (2013). The effects of an observational

     intervention on the emergence of two types of observational learning.  European  

     Journal of Behavior Analysis, 14, 329-247.


Singer-Dudek, J. & Oblak, M.  (2013).  Peer presence and the emergence of conditioned

     reinforcement from observation.  Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 46, 592-602.  

     doi:  10.1002/jaba.72


Lee. G. T. & Singer-Dudek, J.  (2012).  Effects of fluency versus accuracy training on
and retention of assembly tasks by four adolescents with  
     developmental disabilities.  
Journal of Behavioral Education, 21, 1-17.  doi: 


Singer-Dudek, J., Oblak, M., & Greer, R. D.  (2011). Establishing books as conditioned

     reinforcers for preschool children as a function of an observational intervention.   
     Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis
, 44, 421-434.


Luke, N., Greer, R. D., Singer-Dudek, J., & Keohane, D. D.  (2011).  The emergence of

     autoclitic frames in atypically and typically developing children as a function of 

     multiple exemplar instruction.  The Analysis of Verbal Behavior, 27, 141-156.


Singer-Dudek, J., Speckman, J., & Nuzzolo, R.  (2010).  A comparative analysis of the

     CABAS® model of education at the Fred S. Keller School:  A twenty-year review.  The

     Behavior Analyst Today, 11(4), 253-264.


Singer-Dudek, J., Greer, R. D., & Schmelzkopf, J. (2008). The effects of an observational

     conditioning procedure on the acquisition of reinforcing properties of a previously  
     neutral stimulus. Journal of Early and Intensive Behavioral Interventions, 4(1), 57-74. 



Greer, R. D., Singer-Dudek, J., Longano, J., & Zrinzo, M. (2008). The emergence of

     praise as conditioned reinforcement as a function of observation in preschool and 
     school age children.
Revista Mexicana de Psicología, 25(1), 5-26.


Greer, R. D. & Singer-Dudek, J. (2008). The emergence of conditioned reinforcement 

     from observation. Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior, 89, 15-39.


Greer, R. D., Singer-Dudek, J., & Gautreaux, G. (2006). Observational learning.

     International Journal of Psychology, 41(6), 486-499.


Ross, D. E., Singer-Dudek, J., & Greer, R. D. 2005). The Teacher Performance Rate and

     Accuracy Scale:  Training as evaluation. Education and Training in Developmental 

     Disabilities, 40(4), 411-23.


Singer-Dudek, J. & Greer, R. D. (2005). Long-term analysis of the relationship between

     fluency and the training and maintenance of complex math skills. The Psychological

     Record, 55, 361-376.


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