Vasudevan, Lalitha M. (lmv2102)

Lalitha M Vasudevan

Professor of Technology and Education
Vice Dean for Digital Innovation and Managing Director, Teachers College Digital Futures Institute; Director, Media and Social Change Lab

Office Location:

322D Thmps

Educational Background

B.A. in Psychology, University of Pennsylvania
Ph.D. in Education, University of Pennsylvania

Scholarly Interests

Communication and New Media; Adolescent Literacies; Media Literacy; Multimodal storytelling; Anthropology of Education

Selected Publications


Pahl, K., Steadman, R., & Vasudevan, L. (2022). Collaborative Research in Theory and Practice: The Poetics of Letting Go. UK: Bristol University Press.

Vasudevan, L. & DeJaynes, T. (Eds.) (2013). Arts, media, and justice: Multimodal explorations with youth. New York: Peter Lang.

Hill, M.L. & Vasudevan, L. (Eds.) (2008). Media, Learning, and Sites of Possibility. New York: Peter Lang.


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Rajan, S., Vasudevan, L., Ruggles, K., Brown, B., & Verdeli, H. (2017). Firearms in K-12 Schools: What is the Responsibility of the Education Community? Teachers College Record, Date Published: October 05, 2017 ID Number: 22187

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Vasudevan, L. (2006). Making known differently: Engaging visual modalities as spaces to author new selves. E-Learning, 3(2). Available:


Kerr, K., Newhouse, K., Vasudevan, L. (2020). Participatory, multimodal ethnography with youth. In A. Ali and T. McCarty (Eds.), Critical youth research in education: Methodologies and praxis (pp. 40-60). New York: Routledge.

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Leander, K. & Vasudevan, L. (2009). Multimodality and mobile culture. In C. Jewitt (Ed.) Handbook of multimodal analysis. (pp. 127-139). London: Routledge.

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