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Robert E Kretschmer
Professor Emeritus of Education and Psychology
Health & Behavior Studies

Educational Background

B.S., M.A., Northwestern University; Ph.D., University of Kansas

Scholarly Interests

Teaching of the deaf and hard of hearing. Linguistics of English and ASL. Literacy development. Text structure. School psychology. Auditory streaming.

Selected Publications

Reading and Hearing Impaired Individuals (Alexander Graham Bell Association).

"Metacognition, metalinguistics and intervention" (Applied Psycholinguistics).

"The psycho-educational assessment of hearing impaired children" (Auditory Disorders in School Children).

"Educational consideration of at-risk hearing impaired children" (Speech, Language and Hearing Services in the Schools).

"Teachers-as-researchers: Supporting professional development" (Volta Review).

"Multihandicapped, hearing impaired students as thinkers and ‘feelers'" (Volta Review).

Abstract of Current Projects

This project is intended to explore the notion of what constitutes an intellectual conversation or discussion.  It is a part of a larger study that seeks to determine whether a group of  teenaged students who are d/Deaf and hard of hearing from an intercity school and who were "reading at a third to fourth grade level" engaged in what might be considered an intellectual discussion surrounding a  chapter from the "House on Mango Street".  The impetus for the larger study is that often teachers who encounter d/Deaf and hard of hearing children of color with these lower levels of reading scores have low expectations of performance.  This particular class of students, however, was taught by a teacher who did not ascribe to this notion.  Alternatively, she held very high expectations.  This research is an attempt to determine whether these youngsters after a year and half of instruction with this master teacher resulted in the ability to engage in a "high level" discussion of the symbolism inherent within one of the chapters of the book "A House on Mango Street".  Before embarking on this project, however, it necessary to determine what features mark or define what an intellectual discussion might be.  As a result, I am conducting a qualitative phenomenological inquiry to the people's understanding of what constitutes an intellectual conversation.


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