Gulbahar Guven, Yasemin (yg2918)

Gulbahar, Yasemin

Visiting Assistant or Associate Professor - Learning Analytics Program
Professor of Computer Science Education and Educational Technology (212) 678-3406

Office Location:

Grace Dodge 454

Educational Background

B.S. Mathematics, Middle East Technical University, Turkiye

M.S. Science Education, Middle East Technical University, Turkiye

Ph. D. Computer Education and Instructional Technology, Middle East Technical University, Turkiye

Scholarly Interests

Computer Science Education, Educational Technology, Instructional Design, Learning Analytics

Selected Publications


  • Yildirim, D., Gülbahar, Y. (2022) Implementation of Learning Analytics Indicators for
    Increasing Learners' Final Performance. Tech Know Learn.
  • Gülbahar, Y., Ibrahim, M., & Callaway, R. (2022). Exploring The Effect of Online Course Design
    on Preservice Teachers Knowledge Transfer and Retention Through Learning
    Analytics. Journal of Educational Studies and Multidisciplinary Approaches, 2(1), 155–172.
  • Battal, A., Afacan Adanır, G., & Gülbahar, Y. (2021). Computer Science Unplugged A
    Systematic Literature Review. Journal of Educational Technology Systems, 50(1), 24–47.
  • Kandemir, C. M, Kalelioğlu, F, Gülbahar, Y. (2021). Pedagogy of teaching introductory textbased
    programming in terms of computational thinking concepts and practices. Comput Appl
    Eng Educ. 2021; 29: 29– 45.
  • Kert, S. B., Kalelioğlu, F. & Gülbahar, Y. (2019). A Holistic Approach for Computer Science
    Education in Secondary Schools. Informatics in Education, 18(1), 131-150., 
  • Doğan, D. & Gülbahar, Y. (2018). Using Facebook as Social Learning Environment.
    Informatics in Education, 17(2), 207-228., 
  • Gülbahar, Y., Rapp, C., Kilis, S. & Sitnikova, A. (2017). Enriching Higher Education with Social
    Media: Development and Evaluation of a Social Media Toolkit. The International Review of
    Research in Open and Distributed Learning (IRRODL), 18(1), 23-39. URL:
  • Rapp, C., Gülbahar, Y. & Adnan, M. (2016). e-Tutor: A Multilingual Open Educational
    Resource for Faculty Development to Teach Online. International Review of Research in
    Open and Distributed Learning (IRRODL). 17(5), 284-289.
  • Kalelioğlu, F., & Gülbahar, Y. & Kukul, V. (2016). A Framework for Computational Thinking
    Based on a Systematic Research Review. Baltic Journal of Modern Computing, 4(3), 583-596.

Book Chapters

  • Gülbahar, Y. & Afacan Adanir, G. (2021). The Influence of Social Media on Learning. In
    Advancing Online Course Design and Pedagogy for the 21st Century Learning Environment,
    Editor: Chatham Daniel. IGI Global, ISBN:9781799855989, Pages:151 -169.
  • Gülbahar, Y. & Afacan Adanir, G. (2020). Emerging Instructional Design and Strategies for
    Online Courses. In Handbook of Research on Developing Engaging Online Courses, Editors:
    Thornburg Amy W., Abernathy Dixie F., Ceglie Rob J., IGI Global. ISBN:9781799821328,
    Pages:94 -115.
  • Gülbahar, Y. & Adnan, M. (2020). Faculty Professional Development in Creating Significant
    Teaching and Learning Experiences Online. In Handbook of Research on Creating Meaningful
    Experiences in Online Courses, Editors: Kyei-Blankson, L., Ntuli, and Blankson, IGI Global,
    ISBN:9781799801153, Pages:37 -58.
  • Kilis, S. & Gülbahar, Y. (2019). A Snapshot of Research on Learning Analytics: A Systematic
    Review, In Emerging Trends in Learning Analytics: Leveraging the Power of Education Data,
    Editor: Myint Swe Khine,ISBN:978-90-04-39927-3, Brill Sense, Pages:45 -64.

Tuesday & Thursay 1:30-2:30 am by appointment

Grace Dodge 454

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