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Nursing Education

In the Department of Health & Behavior Studies

Admission Requirements

In addition to the standard college admission requirements and materials, the following requirements and materials are required for admission to the Ed.D. Program in Nursing Education. 

1.  Applicant must be a registered nurse and must submit evidence of licensure

2.  Applicant must have a Masters Degree and transcripts related to this degree must be submitted.

3.  In the Resume, applicants must show evidence of clinical experience either through specialty Masters preparation or through clinical experience in nursing.

4.   Applicants should include titles and other citation information for publications and presentations, if any.

5.  In Statement of Purpose (which can be 5-6 pages in length), use each of the following as a numbered heading and address each item in paragraph form under the appropriate heading:

  1. Describe your experiences practicing as a nurse, including the number of years you were involved in each type of practice (e.g., worked in pediatrics inpatient unit full time for 3 years; practiced as a pediatric nurse practitioner part-time for 6 years)
  2. Describe your teaching experience in academic settings and/or clinical settings.
  3. List your long term goals after finishing your doctorate
  4. Explain why you are an exceptional candidate for this program
  5. Discuss your interests in nursing education and why you chose this specialty area
  6. Discuss how your clinical experience will contribute to your success as an educator
  7. Describe your experience with research and statistical methods, if any.  If you have not had such experience, please indicate this. 
  8. Outline your current thoughts about the research in nursing education that you would like to pursue, and
  9. Describe what qualities you exhibit to make you successful in an online doctoral degree program.  

 5.  Applicants must also submit an academic writing sample 

This should also be uploaded with the online application.  It should be a 10-15 page academic writing sample that demonstrates your scholarly thinking, writing skills, ability to do research, and ability to synthesize information.  Examples of appropriate writing samples include, but are not limited to, graduate thesis, research paper, or literature review.  If your writing sample exceeds 10-15 pages, please select an excerpt, but include reference list for the entire paper.

6.  Optional: Graduate Record Examination

Although the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is not required, if you have taken this examination, we welcome you to submit your scores.  Admission decisions are not based on GRE scores, but they help with advisement.

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