Why Science

Science is interwoven throughout every moment of our lives. Young children embrace these experiences with their natural proclivity to question and explore the world around them every day. Thus, the elementary years provide the optimal window to immerse children in inquiry-based learning and cultivate a scientific mindset. With over 30 years of experience, we know that scientific thinking enriches all aspects of learning across domains and throughout daily life.

Science is foundational and essential as a child grows into a dynamic problem-solver and intrepid thinker. Hollingworth science is not the acquisition of memorized facts, nor is it a recipe to follow or a kit with directions. Our science is dynamic, engaging, and provocative. Our experience shows us that every child is a scientist; not a future scientist, but a scientist in the here and now. Through interdisciplinary, inquiry-based experiences children develop essential lifelong ways of thinking. Every day at the Hollingworth Camp we nurture and celebrate vibrant thinking including:

  • compelling questions driven by curiosity
  • fluid and flexible open-mindedness
  • a sense of wonder and awe
  • sparks of creativity and what-ifs
  • close observations and explorations
  • steadfast perseverance and determination
  • collaboration and independent-mindedness
  • patience and a tolerance for ambiguity
  • boundless ingenuity and innovation

When the month of July comes to a close, our campers depart with a deeper science mindset and an even greater satisfaction in the fact that there is always more science to explore.

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