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Measurement, Evaluation, and Statistics
Teachers College, Columbia University
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Measurement, Evaluation, and Statistics

In the Department of Human Development

Degrees > Master of Science (M.S.) in Applied Statistics

Master of Science (M.S.) in Applied Statistics

The master's degree in Applied Statistics offers preparation in applied statistics, data analysis and research methods, to prepare students for a number of research and applied positions in educational settings, testing bureaus, business, industry, and government.

The M.S. degree requires at least one year of study.  In addition to the satisfactory completion of course work, an integrative project is required.

Program Requirements

Master of Science – 32 points

Statistics (27 points):
  • HUDM 4122 Probability and statistical inference (3)
  • HUDM 5122 Applied regression analysis (3)
  • HUDM 5123 Linear models and experimental design (3)
  • HUDM 6030 Multilevel and longitudinal data analysis (3)
  • HUDM 6055 Latent structure analysis (3)
  • HUDM 6122 Multivariate analysis I (3)
  • HUDM 6123 Multivariate analysis II (3)
  • *W4105 Probability (3)
  • *W4107 Statistical inference (3)

(*W4105 and W4107 are taken at the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at Columbia University.)

Electives (5 points):

Selected in consultation with an advisor and within the areas of Management Science, Economics, Public Health, Computer Science, Psychology, Sociology, or Research Methods in any general area.

Distribution Requirement:

At least 2 of the above courses (for a minimum of 2 points each) must be taken at Teachers College from outside the Program in Measurement, Evaluation, and Statistics.

Culminating Experience:

A special project conducted in consultation with an advisor.

Transfer Credit

At least 20 points must be earned in Teachers College courses.  The remaining coursework, through Teachers College registration, may be completed in Teachers College or other graduate divisions of the University, but no more than 12 points of graduate credit from other faculties of the University will be credited toward the minimum point requirement.  Graduate level courses in the University are numbered from 4000 and above.

For the M.S. degree, no transfer credit is granted for work completed at other universities.

Satisfactory Progress

Students are expected to make satisfactory progress toward the completion of degree requirements.  If satisfactory progress is not maintained, a student may be dismissed from the program.  Program faculty annually review each student’s progress.  Where there are concerns about satisfactory progress, students will be informed by the program faculty.  If a student is performing below expectations, remedial work within an appropriate timeline may be required.  If satisfactory progress is not maintained, a student may be dismissed from the program.