Mathematics Education MA Transitional B

Master of Arts (Peace Corps, Transitional B Certification track)

Emphasis in the M.A. program is placed on those competencies necessary for effective mathematics teaching as a means of enhancing professional growth of in-service and pre-service teachers. Conceptual issues in teaching are translated into practice through group and individualized instruction in special methods courses.

Apply to this program if you are interested in Peace Corps Transitional B Certification.

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Admissions Information

Displaying requirements for the Spring 2024, Summer 2024, and Fall 2024 terms.

Master of Arts

  • Points/Credits: 34
  • Entry Terms: Summer


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  • NY State Transitional B: Mathematics 7-12

Application Deadlines

Entry Term AvailablePriority DeadlinesFinal DeadlinesExtended Deadlines
SummerJanuary 15, 2024January 15, 2024N/A

Select programs remain open beyond our standard application deadlines, such as those with an extended deadline or those that are rolling (open until June or July). If your program is rolling or has an extended deadline indicated above, applications are reviewed as they are received and on a space-available basis. We recommend you complete your application as soon as possible as these programs can close earlier if full capacity has been met.

Application Requirements

 Online Degree Application, including Statement of Purpose and Resume
 Transcripts and/or Course-by-Course Evaluations for all Undergraduate/Graduate Coursework Completed
 Results from an accepted English Proficiency Exam (if applicable)
 $75 Application Fee
 Two (2) Letters of Recommendation
 Supplemental application required (included in online application)
 GRE General Test (Recommended)

Mathematics education students seeking Master of Arts, Master of Science, and Master of Education degrees are expected to have completed at least 24 credits of undergraduate mathematics.

Requirements from the TC Catalog (AY 2023-2024)

Displaying catalog information for the Fall 2023, Spring 2024 and Summer 2024 terms.

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This program is specifically designed for students admitted to the college as returning Peace Corps Fellows volunteers, and leads to a New York State initial certificate for teaching secondary school mathematics (grades 7-12). It requires 34 points (including a 2-point teaching seminar). Applicants should direct admissions and certification questions to Dr. Alexander Karp at 212-6783842 or

Master of Arts

Normally students complete 24 points in courses in mathematics and mathematics education including MSTM 4019, MSTM 5011 and with at least 12 points in mathematics. Additionally, a 2-point student-teaching seminar should be completed. The remaining 8 points (3 courses) are reserved for classes chosen outside of the Program in Mathematics and should include a course in human development; a course in the nature of students within the full range of disabilities and inclusive education; and a course in language acquisition and literacy development. All applicants for the M.A. degree must prepare a written project as a culminating integrative experience.

The Master of Arts degree – Transitional B – The program of study for the degree is designed to increase the teacher’s knowledge of mathematics and prepare them for the profession of teaching. The program can be completed in one calendar year through full-time study during an academic year and a dual summer session, or spread across two academic years. 

Prerequisite Requirements

Admission to the program requires evidence of ability to be prepared for certification to teach secondary school mathematics. Normally, (i) strong undergraduate preparation with a minimum of 24 semester hours in mathematics content courses, including two semesters of calculus, and (ii) one year of college level study, or its equivalent, of a language other than English. Students are referred to the Admission Bulletin of the Teachers College Catalog for general information concerning admission and degree requirements ( 

Minimum Point Requirement

The program of study for the M.A. Transitional B degree must include 34 points of graduate study under Teachers College auspices. Normally students complete at least 24 points in mathematics and mathematics education courses.

Course Requirements

Courses offered within the Program in mathematics (MSTM) tend to be either mathematics content or mathematics education courses. The program of study has certain requirements (see the Table below) – though there are few specific courses that are required. Students’ precise program of study should be determined in consultation with their program advisor.

1. Mathematics Content

Breadth in mathematics content to enrich student’s undergraduate preparation. Students will need to provide documentation that their composite undergraduate and graduate mathematical profile includes coursework in all of the following areas: (i) Number theory/historical topics, (ii) Algebra, (iii) Geometry/topology, (iv) Calculus/analysis, (v) Discrete mathematics, and (vi) Probability/statistics. Students are also encouraged to include coursework mathematical models/applications.

At least 12 points

2. Mathematics Education

Theory and methods courses in the teaching of mathematics must include the following two required courses: MSTM 4019 Mathematics Teaching and Learning (3 points), which discusses theoretical aspects of teaching and learning, and MSTM 5011 Mathematics in the Secondary School (3 points), which is a methods course dealing with issues of classroom teaching and includes field experiences during the school day. One other professional course in mathematics education must be taken to satisfy a state requirement for understanding history, philosophy, and the role of education. Recommended courses to meet this requirement include MSTM 5020 Mathematics and Multicultural Education, MSTM 4020 Mathematics Teaching and Learning II, , MSTM 4005 Teaching Mathematics in Diverse Cultures, or other methods courses offered by the program.

At least 8 points

3. General Professional Education

Teachers College courses outside the Program in Mathematics related to general educational foundations or broader professional issues, which must meet the following requirements:

  • a course in human development (2 or 3 points) which must include at least one of the following required courses: HUDK 4027 Development of Mathematical Thinking, HUDK 4023 Developmental Psychology: Adolescence, or HUDK 5023 Cognitive Development;
  • a course in the nature of students within the full range of disabilities and inclusive education (3 points), which must include at least one of the following required courses: C&T 4001 Teaching Students with Disabilities in Inclusive Classrooms, C&T 4046A Multifoundational Approach to Learning Disabilities, or HBSE 4002 Instruction and Curriculum for Students With and Without Disabilities (alternatively, students can enroll in MSTM 4023 Mathematics for Exceptional Students to meet this requirement, but which then does not count towards the General Professional Education requirements).
  • a course in language acquisition and literacy development (3 points), which must include either C&T 4137 Literacy and Learning in the Content Areas (3 points) or C&T 4842 Institute: Content Area Literacies (3 points). Based on an analysis of their undergraduate transcripts, students and their advisor should decide whether any more courses in teaching literacy are needed in addition to this one requirement.

At least 8 points

4. Student Teaching

Supervised teaching experiences in metropolitan area secondary schools, fulfilled by completing the required course MSTM 4760 Student Teaching in Mathematics (2 points).

2 points

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