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Student Handbook

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Student Conduct Code

Responsible Office: Vice Provost

The Statutes of the College provide: “The admission of a student, their continuance upon the rolls of the College, the receipt by them of academic credit for work completed, graduation, and the conferring of any degree or diploma upon them shall be subject strictly to the control of the College, which shall be free to refuse or cancel registration at any time on any grounds, except those cited (in the Non-Discrimination Policy), which it deems desirable.” (Statutes, VII-C)
Teachers College (TC or the College) expects members of the College community to observe traditional norms of scholarly discourse, academic integrity, and fairness.   All members of the College community are expected to exhibit the high level of personal integrity which society must demand of professionals.  Thus, activities which disrupt the regular and essential operation of the College or Columbia University are not permitted.
Students or other members of the College community may charge students with violating these standards.  Students found guilty of violating these standards of conduct may be subject to appropriate disciplinary action, ranging from reprimand to disciplinary probation, suspension or expulsion.  Columbia University has separate Rules of University Conduct which apply to all those who visit its campus or use its facilities.  Violations of these rules can lead to sanctions including the eradication of permission to visit the Columbia campus or use of its facilities and suspension or dismissal from Columbia courses in which a Teachers College student may be enrolled.

The full document that addresses student conduct can be accessed in the College’s Policy Library under “Student Conduct Code: Academic Integrity and General Misconduct.”