Continuing Professional Development

Continuing Professional Development

CIFLTE periodically offers workshops on research methodology, language acquisition, and/or best instructional practices.

CIFLTE Public Talk: Dr. Brian MacWhinney on EMERGENCE OF LANGUAGE STRUCTURE on Dec. 13, 2023

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How to Receive More Information

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Past Workshops

- Teaching Chinese at Upper Levels: Philological Knowledge and Teaching Skills by Professor Lening Liu, Jan 22nd, 2022, 8:00-10:00 am (EST), and Mar. 5th, 2022, 9:00-11:00 a.m. (EST)

- Guest talk: Six Decades of Research on Language Aptitude: A Systematic Review and Critique, Oct. 22nd 2020

Use of Technology in a Chinese Language Classroom, July/August 2020

Complex Dynamic Systems: Putting the psychology of the learner into motion, Sep 2019 [Abstract: 2019 Sept Public Talk - All Info]

- Foreign Language Pedagogy Workshop Series, Feb. to May 2019

- Mobile Language Learning and Teaching: Know-How for A Smart Classroom, April 13, 2019 [Abstract: Rocca Workshop]

- Public talks: The Trade Effect of English as a Lingua Franca + Linguistic Distance, Language Learners’ Mother Tongue, and Chinese Acquisition, Oct. 5th, 2018 [Abstract: Public Talks 2018 - Zhang]

- Workshop: On-line methods in language and language learning research, Sep. 28th, 2018

- Public talk: First language influences on the real-time processing of tense-aspect in the second language, Sep. 26th, 2018

- CIFLTE + Yonkers Public Schools: Teacher Training Workshops, April 2018 [Event Report]

Eye-tracking and L2 Processing, Feb. 10th, 2017.

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