TCSOL Certificate Program: Student TBLT Capstone Projects

Class of 2022-2023 Project of the Year

Group 3: Giving Directions

Screenshot of powerpoint slide

TCSOL 2023 Group 3 Paper

TBLT Projects Archive

Final Project Group 1: Going through airport custom

Final Project Group 2: Taking transportation

Final Project Group 3: Hotel check-in

Final Project Group 4: Getting a SIM card

Final Project Group 5: Eating at Chinese restaurants

Final Project Group 1: Taking a Taxi

Final Project Group 2: Checking in at a hotel

Final Project Group 3: Ordering food

Final Project Group 4: Directions

Final Project Group 5: Shopping

Unit 1: Greetings     A   B

Unit 2: Family    A   B

Unit 3: Dates and Time    A   B

Unit 4: Hobbies    A   B

Unit 5: Visiting Friends    A   B

Unit 6: Making an Appointment    A   B

Unit 7: Studying Chinese    A   B

Unit 8: School Life    A   B


Final Project: Unit 1  A

Final Project: Unit 2  A   B

Final Project: Unit 3  A   B

Final Project: Unit 4  A   B

Final Project: Unit 5    B

Final Project: Unit 6  A

Final Project: Unit 7  A   B

Final Project: Unit 8  A

Final Project: Unit 1  

Final Project: Unit 2  

Final Project: Unit 3  

Final Project: Unit 4

Final Project: Unit 5 

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