Black Education Research Collective


The Black Education Research Collective (BERC) convenes research faculty, students, practitioners, policymakers, and activists interested in centering Black studies, experience, and culture in education research and practice.

As the education research community continues to quantify, analyze, and contend with the perennial disparities, disproportionalities, and disadvantages associated with the education of Black children, the knowledge base upon which these studies are conducted remain limited and disconnected from the everyday needs of Black students and communities. Indeed, the marginalization of Black knowledge claims and perspectives in education research has undermined the field’s ability to translate study findings and policy recommendations into meaningful change for the populations they are purported to serve. As Professor Emerita Faustine Jones-Wilson (1996) reminded us, “The education of African-Americans has been a continuing moral, political, legal, economic, and psychological issue throughout this country’s history. It continues to consume time and attention, and it remains an unresolved dilemma for the nation.”

The Black Education Research Collective (BERC) takes up this unresolved dilemma of Black education by deepening and enriching education research with the intellectual contributions, research perspectives, and lived experiences of Black scholars, educators, and activists.

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