Black Paint Team

Profile image of Jackie Simmons

Jackie Simmons

Sarah pulls a thread through a quilt, looking up at the camera.

Sarah Gerth van den Berg

Black Paint Fellows

Profile gif of Nir Aish

Nir Aish


Peter Branscombe

Profile gif of Jenny Flaumenhaft

Jenny Flaumenhaft

Chinyere Harris moving their head

Chinyere Harris

Emilie grins at the camera, as she blinks and looks at the top right.

Emilie Johnson

Tay smiles at the camera. She is in Central Park, standing in front of a bridge with trees and iconic Upper West Side buildings in the background

Tay Leppik

A black and white gif of Andrea. Andrea looks at her screen, leaning her face against her hand, then looks off to the side and back to the screen

Andrea Lira

Bio photo Seth

Seth McCall

Profile gif of Rachel Mewes standing up and stretching towards the sky

Rachel Mewes

Profile gif of Jonggeun Park walking

Jonggeun Park

A gif alternates between Benjamin sitting on a lawn and kicking his legs up in the air.

Benjamin Avichai Katz Sinvany


Lisa Stubenrauch

Profile gif of Raquel Vigil holding a polaroid

Raquel Vigil

Profile gif of Cindy

Cindy Zhang

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