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TC Faculty Appreciation Week 2023

Faculty Appreciation Week 2024

Celebrating our faculty who give so much to students, scholarship, and our community.

Dear TC Community,

We are pleased to celebrate our annual TC Faculty Appreciation Week from May 6 to 10. This offers a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate our appreciation for our faculty and to spotlight the dedication and mentorship that they offer our students, as well as their support of staff and administration on behalf of the College.  

We also take this time to honor faculty members who are retiring this year, as well as those who have worked at TC for many years of service.

We hope that all of you in the TC community will take a few moments to identify and honor those faculty that have made an impact on you and the College. We invite members of the TC community to honor those faculty who have made an impact on you and the College by posting a comment below. We would love to hear from you about the TC faculty members who have made a difference in your work and your lives. We look forward to reading your stories and tributes about TC faculty members who have made a difference in your work and your lives—a reminder for our faculty of how valued and beloved they are.

With much gratitude,

Marie L. Miville, Ph.D.
Vice-Dean for Faculty Affairs
Professor of Psychology and Education

Celebrating Longest Serving Faculty & Faculty Retiring in 2024


  • John Black
  • Sheridan Blau
  • Bob Fecho
  • Jeff Henig
  • Michelle Knight-Manuel
  • Hope Leichter
  • Carmen Martínez-Roldán
  • Helen Stevens

Longest-serving Tenure-track Faculty

  • Hope Leichter, 62 years
  • Hervé Varenne, 52 years
  • James Borland, 48 years
  • John Broughton, 48 years
  • John Allegrante, 45 years
  • Barry Farber, 45 years

Longest-serving Full-time Lecturers

  • Maria Hartman, 31 years
  • Lora Sporny, 31 years
  • Roseanne Gotterbarn, 27 years
  • Jeanne Goffi-Fynn, 28 years
  • Howard Williams, 26 years

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