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Triumphantly moving forward in their next stages of life, the Teachers College Class of 2022 includes the next generation of leaders at the helm of education, health and psychology. They have overcome great challenges, taken big risks, and continue to ask questions that do not accept the world as it is, but rather aspire to envision the world as it might be in the future.

Meet just a few of the remarkable graduates of the Class of 2022, and look for more stories in the coming weeks!


Mastering rich scholarship across disciplines, TC's future educators, administrators and policymakers are posed to advocate for a better, more equitable future for students around the globe.

Shevez Freeman

M.A., Higher & Postsecondary Education

The journey that brought West Point faculty member Shevez Freeman to TC includes a U.S. Army captaincy, two deployments to Iraq, motherhood and a top-level CrossFit competitor.

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Elijah Gardner

M.Ed., Sociology & Education

Committed to supporting education equity efforts in his hometown of Newark, New Jersey, Elijah Gardner has both advocacy and a doctoral degree in his future. But Gardner’s future is deeply informed by his past, including the city itself and a family legend.

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Kisha Howell

Kisha Howell

Ed.D., Curriculum and Teaching

In her pursuit of a doctorate, Kisha Howell (Ed.D. ’22, Curriculum and Teaching) forges new roads to innovative learning and inclusion.

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Pia Maiti

M.A., International Educational Development

Pursuing a career in international education with an emphasis in peace studies, Maiti crossed the world to reach TC.

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Kyle Oliver

Ed.D., Communication, Media and Learning Technologies Design

Interrogating how technology can provide more accessible and inclusive spiritual experiences, Kyle Oliver is leveraging his scholarship to innovate one of the world's oldest practices: church. An Episcopal priest, Oliver will apply this work as the Chief Product Officer at a tech company for community faith organizations.

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Audrey Yatdon

Audrey Yatdon


The actor turned educator is teaching English as a New Language in New York City high schools, as part of a new dream that applies old skills.

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After immersing themselves in research and practice, graduates from the College's Health Education programs are ready to address the connections between wellness and educational outcomes in a range of critical roles.

Eileen Davis-Roesler

M.A., Deaf & Hard of Hearing

Building a career in deaf education advocacy, Davis-Roesler transforms her personal challenges with deafness into triumph and work on the behalf of her community. Following her graduation, Davis-Roesler aspires to aid parents of the hearing impaired so that their children might succeed as she has.

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Irene Dimatulac

M.A., Communication Sciences and Disorders

In pursuing her dreams to become a Speech-Language Pathologist, Irene Dimatulac overcame significant obstacles, including a battle with cancer. But in facing challenges and moving towards the future, Dimatulac finds more opportunities to connect with patients.

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With an emphasis on rigorous scientific method, theory and practice, graduates from the College's Psychology programs move forward into careers that empower communities and individuals through a social justice lens.

Sammy El Rayes

Sammy El Rayes

M.Ed., School Counseling

In his next role, graduate Sammy El Rayes will counsel youth aspiring to be the first in their families to attend college. In this work, El Rayes builds upon his family's own legacy in education.

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Huijie (Jasmine) Shi

M.A., Social-Organizational Psychology

In her interdisciplinary exploration of data science and leadership, Huijie (Jasmine) Shi is posed to help professionals make better decisions. Next, Shi will pursue a doctorate in leadership studies from the Human Resources and Labor Relations program at Michigan State University.

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