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02/03/23, 02/10/23, 02/17/23

Design Workshop Series, Spring 2023

02/03/23, 02/10/23, 02/17/23

The workshop will give you an authentic design experience, including a visit to the site, needs assessment and pitching to the client, feedback from subject matter experts. Selected design may turn into an actual product.


Workshop date:
February 3, Friday 10am - 12pm @ Brooklyn Seltzer Boys
February 10, Friday, 10am - 1pm @ iDesign Lab: Design Jam with Feedback from SME
February 17, Friday, 10am - 11:30am @ zoom: Client pitch

RSVP for this event has ended.

VR for Social-Emotional Learning, Fall 2022


In this workshop, you will redesign an existing VR project for social-emotional learning. The workshop beings with an introduction to the problem space, existing strategies, and competing projects. You will then redesign the existing project to better achieve the learning goals, present your work, and receive feedback.


Workshop date:
Nov. 17th, 10:30am to 12:00pm at 322 TH



Past Events

Instructional Design Jam, Fall 2022

10/10/22, 10/17/22, & 10/24/22

EdTech Redesign Challenge

3/4/22 & 4/1/22

Portfolio Share and Feedback

2/25/22 & 3/25/22

Youth Technology at NYPL with Ruth Isserman


Market Yourself Like a High-End Brand


iDesign Lab Study Group


Storyline Articulate Workshop


Programming Workshop


Alumni talk (Spring 2021)


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