Martha Andrews
5th Grade

5th Grade Social Studies Curriculum


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Overview Planning ProjectAssessmentReflection

The following documents are available in PDF format:

Andrews' Planning Sheets
Long Term Unit Plan
Unit Goals

Unit Handouts
Map of Colonial New York
Census of 1703
Assignment: Colonial Jobs
Where Our Characters Live
Final Assignment: Will you sign the Declaration of Independence?

Student Work
About My Job
Complaints Against the King
Worksheet: Are you a Patriot or a Loyalist?
Students' Self-Assessments
Final Presentations: Speeches and Political Cartoons

Andrews' Reflections
On students choosing colonial characters and names
On the importance of establishing "long ago"

Field Trips
Fraunces Tavern (website)
Worksheet for exploring Colonial Buildings
Museum of the City of New York
Worksheet for the Museum of the City of New York
Web Resources Used
Colonial Williamsburg