TC Commitments: Vision and Action

TC Commitments: Vision and Action

We hosted four dialogues as a TC community, in person and through virtual forums, to help us consider our most salient commitments and the actions necessary to enact those commitments in the near future.

Dialogue I: Commitments to our students

  • Recognizing students are at the center of all we do, what are the distinctive characteristics of a TC graduate experience?
  • What are the promises we want to make to our students for what and how they can learn, grow and contribute while at TC?

Dialogue II: Commitments to our fields of study and practice

  • Recognizing the impact we want our work to have, how do we ensure our scholarship is being translated and shared? How is our scholarship being developed in ways that can impact individuals, schools and organizations more immediately?
  • How do we ensure that TC continues to attract, retain and support scholars who lead knowledge creation in their fields?
  • How can TC ensure that it is supporting the communities of professionals it prepares?

Dialogue III: Commitments to NYC schools and community partners

  • Recognizing the historic relationship between TC and NYC, how do we need to organize to be most consequential, agile and responsive to the biggest educational, social and health challenges facing NYC?
  • How might TC be a stronger partner to schools, health care providers, NGOs and nonprofits, and policy-makers?
  • How might TC move research to practice, innovate and contribute to social justice?

Dialogue IV: Commitments to each other, our communities and our College

  • Recognizing our commitment to each other and to TC as an institution, how might TC invest in our people and our communities to more fully allow them to thrive here and have an impact in the world?
  • How might TC become more effective, agile, inclusive and innovative as an organization? How can we be good stewards of resources and contribute to a sustainable future?
  • What policies do we need to ensure equity and inclusion across student, faculty and staff roles and experiences at TC?

Please think of these dialogue topics as starting places, not ending places. The dialogue questions roughly mirror our mission statement, which includes knowledge creation, focus on education/students, and impact on practice and partnerships. These dialogues also reflect the historic and valued relationship TC shares with a diverse and dynamic NYC. Finally, the dialogues reflect a close reading of the prior feedback given, so far, through faculty mission surveys and President’s dinners, as well as stated Presidential priorities.

To aid in establishing context around these conversations, please find this background sheet produced by the office of Institutional research

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