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Clinical Psychology
Teachers College, Columbia University
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Clinical Psychology
In the Counseling and Clinical Psychology Department

M.A. Program Team > Program Coordinator

Program Coordinator

Aurelie Athan. Ph.D. is a Full-Time Lecturer and Program Coordinator of the Masters Program in the Department of Clinical Psychology at Teachers College where she also received her doctorate in Clinical Psychology. Her scholarly interests center on women's development across the lifespan, with a current emphasis on the transition to motherhood. She researches subjective well-being in mothers, parenting satisfaction, and postpartum psychopathology. She is also examining the history of funding for women's health research and contributing to the rationale for the creation of a new interdisciplinary field of study of maternal theory. Dr. Athan has presented in numerous conferences, published in journals such as the Journal for the Association of Research on Mothering, and sits on the academic advisory board of the Museum of Motherhood. Her clinical orientation is informed by depth perspectives such as Jungian psychology with a focus on the creative expression of the human psyche in art and therapy. She has been honored to work with the Archives for Research on Archetypal Symbolism on a 10-year effort culminating in The Book of Symbols: Reflections on Archetypal Symbolism (Taschen). As an administrator in higher education, she applies a strength-based and transformational learning framework to foster the positive development of students through innovative curriculum design and academic guidance. Email: