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Negotiate for More by Resetting Others' Expectations: TC's Noumair in The Harvard Business Review


Know your own Velcro! Which means that when it comes to negotiating for a raise or more credit or resources from your organization, don't revert to past patterns of behavior that, like the sticky fabric, can lock you into a weaker negotiating position that undermines your career growth and success.

So urge TC organizational psychologist Debra Noumair and coauthor Deborah M. Kolb in The Harvard Business Review. Instead, they advise, follow a few key steps -- evaluating your leverage; setting the tone for the conversation; being clear about what you want; standing firm -- and you can retrain people to have different expectations of your behavior and to respond differently to your demands.

Published Monday, Jun 20, 2016

Debra Noumair
Debra Noumair, Associate Professor of Psychology and Education