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On Financial Literacy Curricula, "Buyer Beware," Says TC's Marri


In a Q&A in Education Week's Curriculum Matters blog, Anand Marri, associate professor of social studies and education and designer of TC's Cowin Financial Literacy Program, said when it comes to financial literacy, financial literacy standards are not enough. "We need to think more about economic literacy, which is all about creating engaged democratic citizens who understand both the macro and micro forces that affect their lives." Marri added, "didactic lessons don't really work. What works is dilemma-based lessons that go through real life scenarios and cases where kids can actually engage and talk through the problems" -- in other words, the case-based model on which the Cowin program is based.

LINK: When It Comes to Financial Literacy Curricula, Buyer Beware (Education Week)

Published Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Anand Marri

Anand Marri

Anand Marri, Associate Professor of Social Studies