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Philosophy & Education

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Logic Reading Group

The Philosophy and Education Logic Reading Group meets weekly throughout the school year to learn both basic and more advanced ways of symbolizing the logical properties of arguments. This term we are working through Ernest Lepore and Sam Cumming's Meaning and Argument: Revised 2nd Edition. After completing Lepore we aim to work through select chapters of Graham Priest's An Introduction to Non-Classical Logic. There are many reasons for educators and researchers to learn logic. Argumentation and critical thinking is taught in schools throughout the world and often celebrated as integral to democratic citizenship. Despite this fact, acquaintance with logic within teacher training, educational research communities, and K-12 schools is strikingly rare. To remedy this state of affairs, we aim to provide a space to celebrate logical perspicuity of thought and to build community. We also eat pizza and drink beer while we work.
Contact: Nick Tanchuk
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