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Welcome to Social Studies Education

Welcome to the program in Social Studies Education at Teachers College, Columbia University, one of the oldest and most distinguished programs of its kind in the country. We live in challenging times. Problems on the near horizon, including global climate change, mass violence, deteriorating social welfare, and human rights violations can lead to cynicism and social decline. Yet we paradoxically live in a time of hope and opportunity as the rise of social media foils the despotic reach of governments, new technologies create space for robust public discourse, and education stands front and center as the last great hope of humanity's aim to live peaceably, sustainably and humanely. Social educators are crucial contributors in helping shape this uncertain future. 

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Visit with Professor Gaudelli and his "Teaching of Social Studies" class

During Summer B, 2016, we visited Social Studies Education course 4036, taught by Professor Bill Gaudelli. We then sat down with Dr. Gaudelli to discuss the class, his methodology, and the Social Studies Education program.

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Our Faculty Response to Charlottesville

Faculty Response to Charlottesville

‌"The events in Charlottesville a week ago encourage us to reflect upon who we are and need to be as individuals and as social studies educators. It has never been more important for people to understand the whole of their history, their civic duties, and the forces and factors that have been unleashed when we as a nation got complacent. Many of the stories and ideas about what the United States is and where it stands in the world are being upended at a dizzying pace. Arguably, it has never been more important to be a social studies teacher. And to take on that work, we need to be willing to challenge whatever comfortable notions we may harbor about who and what we are, if we ever really were, and how we might one day truly be. Our participation in a democracy demands this of us. This school year we invite those hard conversations and the community-building necessary to support all of our growth."

Read the full statement: Social Studies Education Faculty Response to Charlottesville


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Program Director: Sandra Schmidt

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