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Movement Science and Education
Teachers College, Columbia University
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Movement Sciences

at Teachers College, Columbia University excels in graduate education and research in the sub-disciplines of Movement Sciences and Education and Kinesiology.

Specializations in the Movement Science and Education program at Teachers College include: Applied Exercise Physiology, Motor Learning and Control, Occupational Therapy, and Physical Education.

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The Applied (Exercise) Physiology concentration focuses on the study of the physiological effects of acute and chronic exercise, how exercise and physical activity influences health, and on the promotion of physical activity in community, clinical, and public health settings. Students can apply their academic work to jobs that involve exercise testing and training, including programs designed to improve health and physical fitness in healthy individuals and in people with or at risk for chronic illness or disability, and in community, clinical, research, and public health settings.

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The specialization in motor learning focuses on the behavioral, biomechanical, and neural bases of development, acquisition, and performance of functional movement skills. Acquisition of skill is examined over the lifespan in typically developing and impaired individuals. Movement analysis is used to elucidate the neuromotor control processes underlying skilled performance in everyday functional behaviors, sport, and dance. The teacher or therapist’s role in facilitating skill learning and performance is emphasized.

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In a combined effort with the Occupational Therapy Programs at Columbia University 's College of Physicians and Surgeons, we now offer a doctoral (Ed.D.)specialization in Occupational Therapy (OT). Columbia University 's Programs in Occupational Therapy is one of the oldest yet exceptionally progressive programs to educate occupational therapists. Today, the OT Program is also a top-ten ranked program, and the combined expertise with movement science and education/kinesiology faculty further adds expertise to both areas.

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The course of study provides students with a broad background in physical education, the movement sciences, and related areas. It is designed for students whose career goals include teaching in schools and other environments, fitness management, coaching, and related areas.

Visit the Next Step TC site to request program information and apply online. Check the interactive program guide  for detailed program admissions requirements.

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In the Spotlight

  • In the Spotlight

    Stephen Silverman, Professor of Education and Chair of the Department of Biobehavioral Sciences reacted to a recent study showing that many public school students in New York City do not receive state-mandated physical education or physical activity during the school day, despite studies that show it improves academic achievement.

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