Meditation Room

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Teachers College, Columbia University
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The Office of the Vice President for Diversity and Community Affairs

Meditation Room

ACCESS to the Teachers College Meditation Room
Teachers College is providing a quiet and semi private room where members of the Teachers College community can meditate, reflect, and engage in mindfulness practice.

Once you request access to the Meditation Room, instructions for scheduling the room will be sent to you via email.

While we ask that you always make a reservation to use the Meditation Room on the TC Apps Meditation Room calendar, you can still drop in if necessary, as long as you record your use of the room on the calendar EVERY TIME you use it. We need to track the room’s usage. Individuals who reserve time on the calendar have priority for using the room during their reserved time, and we ask that you make certain to use the calendar in order to ensure the smoothest experience for all users. A maximum of six individuals are allowed to occupy the Meditation Room at the same time.

To Gain Access to the Meditation Room and the Meditation Room calendar:

✓ Email to request access.
✓ Instructions to access to the calendar will be sent to you, and the Meditation Room door code will be sent to you.
✓ DO NOT share the Meditation Room door code. Rather, please encourage anyone interested in gaining access to the room to email

Scheduling Guidelines:

  • Select the time you want to reserve (make sure to select your preferred duration) and type in your UNI in the Event | Appointment slots field under What:.
  • Please use your UNI as the Event Name so that other users of the room, and the room’s administrator, can contact you directly if there are scheduling questions.
  • You may set up a recurring schedule, but please limit your reservations to one month in advance.
  • Please respect other people’s schedules. Do not remove or delete them.
  • If you will not be using the room during a time when you have made a reservation, please delete the reservation from the calendar as soon as you know you won’t be using it.

Other Guidelines:

  • The smooth functioning of the meditation room requires respectful use of the calendar and the room itself. Please do your best to be thoughtful of your fellow users, and to reach out to Juan Carlos Reyes, the room’s administrator, if you feel there is a need to do so.
  • Be mindful of others.
  • Remove and place your shoes on the rack.
  • Return mats after use.
  • Keep mobile devices on SILENT.
  • Leave the room better than you found it.
  • These activities are not appropriate:
    • Noise
    • Conversation
    • Studying
    • Sleeping
    • Entering with or consuming food or beverages
    • Littering
    • Playing music
    • Talking on the phone

If you have any questions or comments or need assistance, please contact

Special Thanks to Facilities for their diligent assistance and work to make the Meditation Room possible!