Appendix B

Appendix B: Statistics Course in Partial Fulfillment of a Foreign Language Requirement

Academic programs which permit the use of a two-semester statistics course sequence in lieu of one foreign language do so in accordance with the Ph.D. Coordinating Committee policy.

Acceptable courses in the Department of Human Development are:
● HUDM 4122 Probability and Statistical Inference
● HUDM 5122 Applied Regression Analysis
● HUDM 5123 Linear Models & Experimental Design

A passing or letter grade must be received for both courses. R credit is not acceptable.

Credit hours (points) earned in the two-semester statistics course sequence may be used to satisfy the minimum point requirement for the Ph.D.

Students who request to have courses other than the ones above evaluated to meet the Foreign Language Requirement must provide the following to the Director of the Applied Statistics Program and Office of Doctoral Studies:

1. A written request from the advisor
2. A copy of the official course description of each course requested. Each course requested MUST contain an advanced statistical component.

If approved, the Office of Doctoral Studies will inform the student and update his/her doctoral records.

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