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In the Department of International & Transcultural Studies

Our Doctoral Students

Welcome to the profiles of the doctoral students in the Programs in Anthropology at Teachers College. These snapshots demonstrate our academic, professional and personal diversity. We hail from South Africa to Korea to New York. Our students are anthropologists, teachers, administrators, consultants, and work in the public and private sectors, in academia and research organizations.

* Doctoral Students: Profiles are updated and new profiles are added ONCE a year during the Fall semester.

Chelsea  Good Abbas

Chelsea Good Abbas

Ph.D. Applied Anthropology

Previous Graduate Education:  Master of Philosophy, Anthropology & Education, Columbia University.

Research Interests: Borderlands, Conflict/Violence; Migration and Human Rights; Race and Ethnicity, Diasporas, Marginality; Social Movements; Visual Anthropology and Media Studies

Geographical Interests: Central America

Selected Publications: 
Negron-Muntaner, F. and Abbas, C. (2016) With media mergers, Latino roles drop and stereotypes skyrocket on TV. Fox News Latino, April 22, 2016.

Negron-Muntaner, F., and Abbas, C. (2016) The Latino Disconnect: Latinos in the Age of Media Mergers. The Center for the Study of Race and Ethnicity, Columbia Univ. New York.

Negron-Muntaner, F., with Abbas, C., Figueroa, L. & Robson S. (2014) The Latino Media Gap: A Report on the State of Latinos in U.S. Media. The Center for the Study of Race and Ethnicity, Columbia Univ. New York.

Selected Presentations:
Abbas, C. (2016) Como Hacer y Fingir un Conflicto: Líderes Políticos, Tramas y Legitimación en la Disputa Fronteriza por La Isla Calero. IX Jornadas de Investigaciones. Institute for Social Research, University of Costa Rica. San Jose, Costa Rica. September 2016.

Abbas, C. (2016) Narratives of Conflict and Transborder Identity in the Disputed Rio San Juan Borderlands of Costa Rica. Institute for Social Research, University of Costa Rica. San Jose, Costa Rica. May 2016.

Abbas, C. (2015) Beyond the Boundaries: Social Relations between the Police, Local Land Owners and Migrant Farm Workers in the Contested Costa Rican Border Region. American Anthropological Association Annual Conference. Denver, CO. November 2015.

Abbas, C. (2015) Police-Civilian Relations in the Contested Border Region of Costa Rica and Nicaragua. Sustaining Peace Conference, The Earth Institute, Columbia University. March 2015.

Abbas, C. (2013) Putting the Narco to Work: Militarization of the U.S.-Mexico Border and the War on Drugs. Washington & Jefferson College, Washington, PA. November 2013.

Abbas, C. (2012) Bounded Lives in the Borderlands: Increased Police Presence as a Daily Reality in a Costa Rican Border Community. Master’s Thesis Defense, Teachers College, Columbia University. April 2012.

Abbas, C. (2011) Nica vs. Tico: Exploring Environment and Identity in the Rio San Juan Borderlands of Costa Rica. American Anthropological Association Annual Conference. Montreal, QC. November, 2011.

Abbas, C. (2011) Danger Passes through Me: A Drug Documentary of a Latina’s Struggles in Hell’s Kitchen. Film presented at the Education Across the Americas Conference, Teachers College, Columbia University. April, 2011.

Abbas, C. (2009) A Look at Poverty in Paradise: Rethinking Undergraduate Research through Experiences in Limón, Costa Rica. American Anthropological Association Annual Conference, Philadelphia, PA. November, 2009.

TC 125th Anniversary Scholarship, 2015-2016
Graduate Fellow, The Earth Institute, Columbia Univ.  Advanced Consortium on Cooperation, Conflict and Complexity, 2014-2015
Outstanding Service Award, Center for the Study of Ethnicity and Race, Columbia University, 2014
Fulbright US Student Program, Costa Rica, Finalist 2014-2015
National Science Foundation, Summer Institute for Research Design, 2012
Institute of Latin American Studies, Pre-Dissertation Travel Grant, 2011
Teachers College Dean’s Grant for Student Research, 2011

Sarah  French Brennan

Sarah French Brennan

Ph.D. Applied Anthropology

Previous Graduate Education:  MA in Applied Anthropology, Teachers College, Columbia University

Research Interests:
I’m interested in the contexts, practices and technologies involved in the production of sexual identities and minority subjectivities. Currently, I am studying queer asylum seekers in the Netherlands, looking at how they experience the asylum process, and the formal and informal institutions with which they interact. I am interested in the ways in which the processes of claiming asylum as a “LGBT” (the legal terminology in the asylum process) individual produce, rather than simply represent, a specific type of subject. Previously, I have studied queer communities in Cairo, Egypt.

Geographical Interests: 

Western Europe; Middle East and North Africa

“Narratives of Existence: Strategies and Safe Spaces of Sexual Minorities in Cairo.” Anthropological Quarterly Special Issue: Minorities in the Middle East, 2015

Selected Publications & Presentations:
"Producing the 'LGBTI Asylum Seeker': Sharing Stories and Strategies at Amsterdam’s Secret Garden," Queer Migrations and Mobilities Workshop, Lund University, Sweden, Fall 2014

“Narratives of Existence: Negotiating Rights and Sexual Identities in Cairo,” British Society for Middle Eastern Studies Graduate Student Conference, Oxford University, Spring 2013

“Narratives of Existence: Negotiating 'Rights' and Sexual Identities in Cairo,” American Anthropological Association Annual Meeting, San Francisco, Fall 2012

“Securing and Contesting Sexual Identities in Cairo,” Minority Experience of the Middle East: New Anthropological Perspectives Workshop, Elliot School of International Affairs, George Washington University, Spring 2012

“Security and Sexual Identity in Cairo,” American Anthropological Association Annual Meeting, Montreal, Quebec, Fall 2011

"Race Monologues: Personal Narratives on the Contemporary Experience of Race and Racism" in the United States, 9th Annual Education Across the Americas Conference: Experiences, Challenges and Solutions. Teachers College, Columbia University, Spring 2011

Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowship, Academic Year 2011-2012

Columbia University Middle East Institute Summer Regional Travel Research Fellowship, 2011

Columbia University Teachers College General Scholarship, 2010-2012

Columbia University Teachers College Tuition Assistance Grant, 2010-2011‌

Laura L. Bunting-Hudson

Laura L. Bunting-Hudson

Ph.D. Anthropology & Education

Previous Graduate Education: MSc Environment and Development, London School of Economics

Research Interests: Media, Technology, Economics, and Informality in Colombia and Mexico. I am currently conducting research on how independent rap artists in Bogota, Colombia produce and disseminate their music.

Geographical Interests: Mexico, Brazil, US

¨Perceptions of Environmental Justice and Equity in Air Pollution Policy from Mexico City.¨ Published in the London School of Economics and Political Science Department of Geography and the Environment Bulletin.  December 2009.  Winner of the George and Hilda Ormsby Award.

¨Economic Informality and Shadow State Formation in Mexico.¨ Presentation. American Anthropology Association Conference 2011. Chair of the Panel of Latin American Democracy. Montreal, Canada.

George and Hilda Ormsby Award, Department of Environment and Geography London School of Economics 2009

Bruce  Burnside

Bruce Burnside

Ph.D. Anthropology and Education

Previous Graduate Education: Masters in Anthropology, Columbia University

Research Interests: Bruce’s interest currently focuses on intercultural education practices and performances in the context of Germans with migration backgrounds in Berlin schools and museums.

Geographical Interests: Germany, Turkey

Selected Publications, Presentations, Works-in-Progress: 
Article: “When the Girls Still Wore Headscarves: Integration and Belonging in an After-School Center in Berlin.” Diaspora, Indigenous, and Minority Education 9(2): 140–154. (April 2015)

Review: The Changing Face of World Cities: Young Adult Children of Immigrants in Europe and the United States, Maurice Crul & John Mollenkopf, eds. (Russell Sage Foundation, New York) in Teachers College Record (October 04, 2013)
Review: Gendered Paradoxes: Educating Jordanian Women in Nation, Faith, and Progress by Fida Adely (University of Chicago Press) in Arab Studies Journal (Spring 2013)

Article: “Immigrating to Germany, USA and Mexico: The Girls from MÄDEA”, Todo Aleman (Goethe Institut, July 2012),         

Encyclopedia entries: “Bosnian War,” “Bosnian Americans,” “Ishmaelites,” “Lebanese Civil War,” “Last Poets,” “Lamen, Kebe,” “Wu-Tang Clan,” Encyclopedia of Muslim-American History, Edward Curtis, ed. (New York: Facts on File, Inc, 2010).

Academic Year Foreign Language Area Scholarship – Turkish, 2013-2014

2013 Best Doctoral Student Paper Award: Central Europe for "I Want A Good Friend": Youth Work And Belonging Among Migrant Girls In Berlin - 18th Annual World Convention of the Association for the Study of Nationalities 2013, Columbia University.

Summer Foreign Area Language Scholarship – Turkish, 2011

Meghan M. Chidsey

Meghan M. Chidsey

Ph.D. Anthropology & Education

Previous Graduate Education:
Master of Philosophy in Anthropology & Education, Columbia University (2013); Master of Science in Education, specialization in Urban Education, University of Pennsylvania (2010); Secondary Education teaching Certificate in Chemistry, University of Pennsylvania (2010); [Bachelor of Architecture with major in Anthropology, University of Notre Dame (2008)] 

Research Interests:
Childhood and Higher Education; Elite Schooling; Gender/ Women’s Studies; Inequality; Identity; Historic Anthropology 

Geographical Interests:
India (South Asia); Sub-Saharan Africa; urban America

Chidsey, M. (work-in-progress) Schooling Advantage: Cultivating Privilege at Elite Girls’ Public Schools in North India; Ph.D. dissertation

(Dec 2014) Admitting an Elite Class of Girls: A Discussion of Values, Status, & “Folding-in” at Four All-Girls’ Public Schools in North India. American Anthropological Association Conference, Washington, D.C.

(Feb 2015) "Adjust Karo": Cultivating Privileged Identities at Elite All-Girls’ ‘Public Schools’ in North India. University of Pennsylvania's Annual Ethnography in Education Research Form. Philadelphia, PA.

Peer-Reviewed Publications:
Chidsey, M. (2013). Re(Learning) Identities: War and Army Widows, Hostel Residents in Urban Rajasthan. Notre Dame, IN: Kellogg Institute.

Selected Presentations: 

Chidsey, M. (2014) This Is Anthropology: The Self, the Other, and Research Methodologies. The Scindia School & Scindia Kanya Vidyalaya, Gwalior, India, MP

Chidsey, M. (2012). Integrating Global Education into Science & Math Curricula. Teachers College, Columbia University, New York, NY.

Chidsey, M. (2011) War and Army Widows in Urban Rajasthan. American Anthropological Association Conference, Montreal, Canada.

Chidsey, M. (2011). Infusing Global Education into Science Curricula. PhilaScience Festival presentation, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA.

Chidsey, M. (2010, May). Africa’s Educational Predicament: A Comparative Examination of NGO-Government Relations in Sub-Saharan Africa. Master’s thesis presented at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA.

Chidsey, M. (2009, Nov). Teaching the Human Experience: Lessons from Ethiopia. Photography/photojournalism exhibit, African Studies Center, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA. 

Chidsey, M. (2009, Nov). Teaching the Science of Ethiopia. Paper presented at the African Studies Conference, New Orleans, LA.


Fulbright-Nehru Doctoral Research Fellowship, India (2013-2014)    

Dean’s Doctoral Research Fellowship, Teachers College, Columbia University (2013-2014)    

Academic Year Foreign Language & Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowship: Hindi, Columbia University (2012-2013)

Arthur Zankel Urban Fellowship, Teachers College, Columbia University (2012-2013)

Summer Foreign Language & Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowship: Hindi, Columbia University

American Institute of Indian Studies (AIIS): Hindi

Arthur Zankel Urban Fellowship, Teachers College, Columbia University (2011-2012)

Office of Residential Services Conference Scholarship, Teachers College, Columbia University

Minority Scholarship, Teachers College, Columbia University (2011-2012)

Critical Language Scholarship (CLS): Hindi, India 

Summer Foreign Language & Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowship: Hindi, Columbia University, declined

Minority Scholarship, Teachers College, Columbia University (2010-2011)

Elaine  Christian

Elaine Christian

Ph.D. Anthropology & Education

Previous Graduate Education:  B.A. Linguistics, Trinity Western University, 2005; M.A. Anthropology of Development, School of Oriental and African Studies (University of London), 2010

Research Interests: Anthropology of development, religion, adult literacy development, religious development organisations, missionaries

Geographical Interests: East Africa, Swahili-speaking areas

Leitner Family Fellowship for Research in Africa (2010)

Foreign Language and Area Studies Summer Fellowship (2010)

Shana  Colburn

Shana Colburn

Ph.D. Applied Anthropology

Research Interests: State and society; the individual; media and business; categories

Geographical Interests: China (East Asia)

Selected Presentations: 
2016 (May)—Society for Cultural Anthropology Panel Paper: The IRB as Unexpected Collaborator: Institutional Frameworks, Power and the Shaping of an Anthropological Project

2016 (forthcoming, November)—American Anthropological Association Panel Paper: Sense as Subject Position: How Sense Shapes the Trajectory and Approach of a Project

Selected Publications:
2016 (forthcoming) “Learning to Cross the Finish Line: What TC has Taught Me,” TC Today: The Magazine of Teachers College, Columbia University, Fall/Winter 2016, 41(1).

Provost’s Grant for Professional Development, Teachers College, Columbia University (2016)

Grant-in-Aid, Teachers College, Columbia University (2016-2017)

Weatherhead East Asian Institute, V.K. Wellington Koo Fellowship, Columbia University (2016-2017)

Weatherhead East Asian Institute, SYLFF Fellow, Columbia University (2014-2015)

General Scholarships, Teachers College, Columbia University (Summer 2008)

Minority Scholarship, Teachers College, Columbia University (2007-2008)

Amelia  Herbert

Amelia Herbert

Ph.D. Anthropology and Education

Previous Graduate Education: M.S.Ed Childhood Education, Hunter College

Research Interests:
Higher education access; University culture; Student politics and activism; Diversity discourses; Decoloniality; Social production of space

Geographical Interests: South Africa, United States

Ford Foundation Predoctoral Fellowship
Vice President’s Grant for Student Research in Diversity
Arthur Zankel Urban Fellowship
Leitner Family Fellowship for Language Study and Research in Africa
Beatrice Pealman Troupin Tuition Scholarship

Corinne  Kentor

Corinne Kentor

Ph.D. Anthropology and Education

Research Interests: Equity and college access, immigration and cultural identity, media and ethics education, families and schools, education as activism   

Geographical Interests: Latin America, Southwestern United States  

Selected Publications, Presentations, Works-in-Progress:
Kentor, C. (2016) Using Your Outside Voice: The Politics of Bilingualism and School Leadership in Southern New Mexico, Education Studies Scholars Colloquium, Yale University, New Haven, CT.  

Teachers College Doctoral Fellowship, Columbia University

Timothy Dwight Mellon Forum Grant, Yale University, 2015-2016

Lisa  Le Fevre

Lisa Le Fevre

Ph.D. Applied Anthropology

Previous Graduate Education:
M.Phil in Applied Anthropology, TC, Columbia University (2013); Master of Science in Education major in TESOL (ESL) from Long Island University (2007); Master of Arts major in Journalism/French Studies from New York University (2003); Maîtrise Lettres Modernes from the Université Paris Sorbonne, Paris IV (for study during1999-2000); [Bachelor of Arts major in French with a minor in History from Franklin and Marshall College (1998)]

Research Interests:
My anthropological interests aim at cross-disciplinary mergers and applications, as well as cultural, psychological, and applied anthropology. My current pursuits include topics such as cultural and personal change, preservation, and adaptive strategies; aging; issues of community survival; and the relationships among people, places, and things.

Geographical Interests: 
Eastern and Western Europe 

Selected Publications, Presentations, Works-in Progress:
“Narrating Memories and Realities in Europe and ‘Democracy’: Elders’ Accounts of Time, Place, and Lived-Experiences in Bulgaria” – Paper presentation for “Memories and Identities in Central and Eastern Europe” Conference; Trinity College, Ireland (May 2015)

“Baba’s Café: The Social Life of Coffee among Elderly and Spaces in Bulgaria” – Paper presented to and Graduate Scholar Award received for the 2013 conference Aging & Society: An Interdisciplinary Conference; Chicago, USA (November 2013)

“Time and Narratives in Bulgaria: Continuity and Survival in a Depopulating Northwestern Village” – Paper presented at the conference Beyond Transition?  New Directions in Eastern and Central European Studies, Lund University, Sweden (October 2013)

“What a Missing Bell Told: Narratives and Emotions in a Depopulating Village” – Presentation at the Fourth International and Interdisciplinary Conference on Emotional Geographies, University of Groningen (July 2013)

“Narrating Elderly Concerns from the Ground Issues and Examples from Bulgaria” – Presentation on panel for the forum Towards a Citizens’ Pact: Work and Welfare in Europe; Social Center Xaspel, Sofia, Bulgaria (June 2013)

“Crossing Paths with Vlach Language in Bulgaria/Balkans” – Presentation for “Speaking of Language: How we Cross Linguistic Borders in Study and Research”; Innovent at the 2012 American Anthropological Annual Conference (November 2012)

“Emotional and narrative landscapes of the elderly: creative relationships between notions of self and others through space and place” – Panel co-organizer with Brian O’Hare at the 10th annual SIEF Congress in Lisbon, Portugal (April 2011)

“Objects of place, space, and time: a case study of social drama, liminality, and anti-temporality in post-socialist "nostalgic" narratives” — Panel paper presentation at the 10th annual SIEF Congress in Lisbon, Portugal (April 2011)

Awards and Honors:
Graduate Scholars Award (for Aging & Society’s 2013 conference) (November 2013)

Fulbright Research Grant to Bulgaria (2012/2013 academic year)

ACLS “East European Studies Program Language Grant to Individuals for Summer Study” (summer study 2010)

TC General Scholarships (spring and fall 2008)

Caroline Scholarship (spring 2008)

AmeriCorps education awards for service teaching (as part of the NYCTF) (2005/2006 and 2007/2008)

Yves Andre Istel Fellowship from the Institute of French Studies at NYU (2001-2002)

Carl Hartzell French Prize from Franklin and Marshall College (1998)

Phi Alpha Theta History Honor Society (1998)

Franklin and Marshall Presidential Scholarship (F&M College: undergraduate stipend awarded by semester)

Rodrigo  Mayorga

Rodrigo Mayorga

Ph.D. Anthropology and Education

Previous Graduate Education: M.A. in History, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

Research Interests: Political Socialization, Political Identities, Citizenship, Civic Education, Historical Consciousness, History of Education 

Geographical Interests:  Latin America, Chile

Selected Publications, Presentations, Works-in Progress:
Mayorga, R. (2014) “Apparent consensus, hidden dangers: instructing and educating in Chilean schools (1930-1960)” [Consensos aparentes, peligros ocultos: instruir y educar en la escuela chilena (1930-1960)], Ariadna Histórica. Lenguajes, conceptos, metáforas

Mayorga, R. (2014) “Party / Faction (Chile)” [Partido / Facción (Chile)], Javier Fernández Sebastián (dir.) Political and Social Dictionary of the Iberoamerican world. Political concepts in the era of Independence 1770-1870 [Diccionario Político y Social del Mundo Iberoamericano. Conceptos políticos en la era de la Independencia 1770-1870], Vol. 2, Madrid, Centro de Estudios Políticos y Constitucionales.

Mayorga, R. (2014) “Reading in the Chilean primary school and Nation-state building (1842-1920): Sarmiento’s and Matte’s books for learning to read” [“La lecture dans l’école publique chilienne et la construction de l’État-nation (1842-1920): les manuels de Sarmiento et Matte”], Histoire de l'éducation, numéro 138, mai-août 2013.

Mayorga, R. (2013) “From semantic multiplicity to national need. The concepts of Party and Faction in Chile (1770-1870)” [“De la multiplicidad semántica a la necesidad nacional: los conceptos de partido y facción en Chile (1770-1870)”], Bicentenario. Revista de Historia de Chile y América, Centro de Estudios Bicentenario, Santiago de Chile, Vol. 12.

Mayorga, R. (2013) “A childhood apart. The minority in the province of Buenos Aires (1930-1943)” [Una infancia aparte. La minoridad en la provincia de Buenos Aires (1930-1943)] (review), Revista de Historia Iberoamericana, Vol. 6.

Mayorga, R. (2012) “Chapter IV: A new pedagogy: reading and other knowledges in primary school” [Capítulo IV: Una nueva pedagogía, Sol Serrano, Macarena Ponce De León and Francisca Rengifo (Editors), History of Education in Chile, 1810-2010, Volume II: The national education, 1880-1930.

Mayorga, R. (2012) “Chapter VIII: Teaching and Learning”, Sol Serrano, Macarena Ponce De León and Francisca Rengifo, History of Education in Chile 1810-2010, Volume I: Learning to read and write,1810-1880.

Mayorga, R. (2011) Editor, Writing about Chile from School: historical consciousness and school research between two Centennials (1910-2010) [Escribir a Chile desde la escuela. Conciencia histórica e investigación escolar entre Centenarios (1910-2010)], (Santiago, RIL Editors)

Mayorga, R. (2011) “Concepts of School. Approaches to the Chilean education system from conceptual history. 1840-1890” [“Los conceptos de escuela: aproximaciones desde la historia conceptual al sistema educativo chileno, 1840-1890”], Revista de Historia Social y de las Mentalidades, Vol. 15, Universidad de Santiago.

Mayorga, R. (2011) “A new road from A to Z: Teaching and learning literacy in 19th century Chilean primary school” [Un nuevo camino de la A a la Z: enseñanza y aprendizaje de la lecto-escritura en la escuela primaria chilena del siglo XIX”], Revista Pensamiento Educativo, Vols. 46-47, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.

Mayorga, R. (2009) “Being young and catholic in Chile. Catholic education and elites’ formation in the Centenarian Chile” [“Ser joven católico en Chile. Educación católica y formación de elites en el Chile del Centenario”], Simon Collier Seminar 2008 [Seminario Simon Collier 2008] (Santiago, RIL Editors).

Becas Chile Scholarship, CONICYT Chile, 2014-2018

Teachers College Scholarship, Educational Master, Anthropology of Education Program, Teachers College at Columbia University, 2013-2014

CONICYT Master’s Scholarship, CONICYT Chile, 2009-2010

Brian J. O

Brian J. O'Hare

Ph.D. Applied Anthropology

Previous Graduate Education: M.S., CDIT: Language Education, University at Albany, SUNY; M.A., Anthropology & Education, Teachers College; M.Phil, Applied Anthropology, Columbia University

Geographical Interests: East Asia, North America, Western Europe

Research Interests: Medical and Psychological Anthropology: urban space and health, cultural construction of emotions and suffering as applied to systems of medical knowledge, power, and healing. Fieldwork in New York City centered on aging and emotions in two distinct urban enclaves.

Selected Presentations:

2015    ‘Much More Than a Form’: Benefit/Entitlement Regulations and Their Social Impact at an Ethnically and Linguistically Diverse Geriatric Residential Complex in Brooklyn, New York. Paper presented at the Society for Anthropology of North America’s Conference on Inequality Measures, April 17th – 18th , New York, NY.

2014    ‘This Land Was Made for You and Me, Mostly Me!’: Immigration and Housing for the Elderly Poor in Brooklyn, New York. Paper presented at the American Anthropological Association’s 113th Annual Meeting, December 3rd – 7th, Washington, DC.

2013    Making Culture and Making Anthropologists: Honoring the Achievements of Charles C. Harrington in the Field of Applied Anthropology. Panel chair at the American Anthropological Association’s 112th Annual Meeting, November 20th – 24th, Chicago, IL.

2011    Emotional and Narrative Landscapes of the Elderly: Creative Relationships between Notions of Self and Others through Space and Place. Panel convenor at the Societé Internationale d´Ethnologie et de Folklore (SIEF)’s 10th Annual Meeting, April 17th – 21st, Lisbon, Portugal.

2011    ‘A Community for All Ages and Capacities’: Notions of Self and Feeling at an Intergenerational Residential Complex in Asturias, Spain. Paper presented at the Societé Internationale d´Ethnologie et de Folklore (SIEF)’s 10th Annual Meeting, April 17th – 21st, Lisbon, Portugal.

2011    Returning to Life in the Capital of Paradise: Examining the Constructions of Self and Feeling amongst Retirees of an Intergenerational Residential Complex in Asturias, Spain. Paper presented at the Society for Psychological Anthropology’s Biennial Meeting, March 31st – April 3rd, Santa Monica, California.

2009    ‘Serious, But Not Sad’: Emotions of Elderly in Washington Heights, New York City. Paper presented at the Society for Applied Anthropology’s 69th Annual Meeting, March 17th – 21st, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Selected Publications:

2015    A review of The Social Value of Drug Addicts: Uses of the Useless, by Merrill Singer and J. Bryan Page. In North American Dialogue, Volume 18, Issue 1, pages 26–28, American Anthropological Association.

2013    A review of The Wounded Bricoleur: Adversity, Artifice and the Becoming of Street-Involved Youth in London, Ontario, Canada, by Mark Stewart Dolson. In Dissertation Reviews, online humanities and social science journal, Medical Anthropology category, November 6th.

2001    Excavations at Sub-operation 30: Tests for Mortuary Complex Boundaries and Preliminary Study of Human Remains. In Belize Postclassic Project 2000: Investigations at Caye Coco and the Shore Settlements of Progresso Lagoon. Robert Rosenswig and Marilyn Masson (Eds.), Institute of Mesoamerican Studies Occasional Publication No. 6, pages 57-66, The University at Albany, SUNY.


Nadine  Qashu Lim

Nadine Qashu Lim

Ph.D. Applied Anthropology

Previous Graduate Education:
M.S. Bioethics, Union Graduate College/Mount Sinai School of Medicine; M.S. Interdisciplinary Science, Johns Hopkins University

Research Interests:
Anthropology of biomedicine; health and culture; bioethics; communication and professional moral position in critical care; knowledge production.

Geographical Interests: 
North America

Selected Publications, Presentations, Works-in Progress:
Qashu Lim, Nadine, (2015) The Promise of Better: Emergency Medical Service Work in New York City.  Presented at Society for the Anthropology of North America Bi-Annual Conference “Inequality and Difference, April 17 -18, 2015.

S.A. Goldberg, A. Porat, N. Q. Lim, C. Strother, K.G. Munjal, (2014) A Quantitative Analysis of the Content of Critical Handovers Between Emergency Medical Service and Emergency Department Providers.  Abstracts, National Association of Emergency Medical Services Physicians (NAEMSP) 18, 1.Prehospital emergency Care January/March 2014.

Daniel  Rudas-Burgos

Daniel Rudas-Burgos

Ph.D. Anthropology & Education

Previous Graduate Education: Master in Education at Pontifical Xaverian University, Bogotá, Colombia (2011)

Research Interests:  My interests center around the comprehension of reading and writing as social, cultural, and political practices. I plan to explore how vernacular reading and writing practices can help empower excluded and marginalized social groups and provide key strategies for education, both inside and outside of school.

Geographical Interests: Latin America, United States

Selected Publications, Presentations, Works-in-Progress:
Rudas-Burgos, D. (2015). Tres miradas para interpretar un texto no convencional: ortografía, variedad y estructura. In XV Congreso de Antropología en Colombia: Regiones «Posconflicto» y futuros posibles. Santa Marta, Colombia: Universidad del Magdalena. Retrieved from

Rudas-Burgos, D. (2014). Formas de oralidad y escritura en los procesos de reconstrucción de la dignidad. In Actas del XI Congreso Argentino de Antropología Social. Rosario, Argentina: Universidad Nacional de Rosario. Retrieved from

Rudas-Burgos, D. (2013). Una exploración sobre el habla en el servicio al ciudadano en Colombia. In El habla en el servicio al ciudadano (pp. 9–36). Bogotá: Instituto Caro y Cuervo.

Rudas-Burgos, D. (Ed.). (2013). Encuentros de servicio y contexto cultural. In Congreso Colombiano de Jóvenes Lingüistas (CCJL). Bogotá: Universidad Nacional de Colombia.

Jiménez, C., Rudas-Burgos, D., & Pava, A. L. (2007). Organizaciones juveniles en Bogotá: una cuestión de convivencia. Experiencias de diagnóstico y comunicación. Bogotá: Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Cendex.

Jiménez, C., & Rudas-Burgos, D. (2006). ¿Qué pueden las mujeres y los hombres jóvenes? In S. Ciappi (Ed.), Periferias del Imperio, poderes globales y control social. Bogotá: Editorial Pontificia Universidad Javeriana.

2016 - Fulbright Colciencias Scholarship for a Doctoral Degree in the U.S.

Andrew T. Wortham

Andrew T. Wortham

Ph.D. Anthropology and Education

Research Interests: Education and Development, Queer Marxism, Situated Learning as Participation, Fragmented Identities, Desire

Geographical Interests: Southwest China  


Teachers College Margaret Mead Fellowship
Foreign Language and Areas Studies Fellowship
Joyce Cowin Financial Literacy Doctoral Fellowship

Michelle  Zhang

Michelle Zhang

Ph.D. Applied Anthropology

Previous Graduate Education: Harvard Graduate School of Education, International Education Policy, M.Ed, 2013

Research Interests: Migration, borders, hukou, youth/youth culture

Geographical Interests: China

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