Language and Social Interaction Working Group (LANSI)

Welcome to LANSI!

Sponsored by the Applied Linguistics and TESOL Program at Teachers College, Columbia University, LANSI brings together like-minded colleagues in the larger metropolitan area of New York who work with audio/video-recorded data from naturally occurring interaction. Through our regularly held data sessions, LANSI offers a forum in which participants continue to build their analytical repertoire via mutual engagement over time. In so doing, we also experiment with an apprenticeship model where graduate students work alongside practicing analysts making observations and providing accounts for those observations "empirically and precisely" (Schegloff, 1996, p. 167). For more information about LANSI, please contact us at You can also follow us on Twitter @lansi_tc.


Hansun Zhang Waring


*LANSI logo designed by Joe Caffentzis


Data Session

Our next data session will be held on July 20 (Sat) at 9:30-11:30 am EST via Zoom.

To receive announcements of upcoming data sessions, please join our listserv by sending an email to

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