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Last update: June 24, 2015

IES Releases FY2016 Funding Announcements for Grant Competitions in Education and Special Education Research and Training--DEADLINE AUGUST 6 and AUGUST 20, 2015

IES has released FY2016 funding announcements for grant competitions in education and special education research and training. The competitions are:

  • Education Research Grants (84.305A);  8/6/15
  • Special Education Research Grants (84.324A); 8/6/15
  • Research Training Programs in the Education Sciences (84.305B);  8/20/15
  • Research Training Programs in Special Education (84.324B);  8/6/15
  • Education Research and Development Center Program (84.305C);  8/20/15
  • Statistical and Research Methodology in Education (84.305D);  8/6/15 and
  • Partnerships and Collaborations Focused on Problems of Practice or Policy (84.305H)  8/6/15.

The Request for Applications for each competition is available at: http://ies.ed.gov/funding/.

1) OSP Offices are relocating:
OSP and the IRB office are scheduled to relocate to new spaces on the Ground Floor of Russell Hall on JUNE 30, 2015.  We will close down at 4pm on Monday, June 29 to finish packing up our workstations.  We expect all phones and computers to be relocated and reconnected by close of business on June 30.  Half of us will be working from home that day and all of us will be available via email.  
Access to the Russell Hall Offices is currently limited to authorized individuals.  We are working with security to find a time where more open access is feasible, but until that time, please contact your SPA or the IRB manager if you need to stop by so we can let you in.
2. Proposal Routing via Echosign:
In keeping with the College's goal to go paperless and in order to reduce travel between offices at deadline time, effective July 1, 2015, all proposal routing will be done via Echosign, which enables legally binding e-signatures to be sent from any computer. tablet or smartphone.  Your SPA will load the routing sheet into the system, along with the abstract, budget and budget narrative we have always required.

3) New Pre-award grant procedures for proposals including subawards:
Shortly before the winter break, the Office of Grants and Contracts Accounting sent out an email referencing changes to the federal regulations governing grants that went into effect on December 26, 2014.  The vast majority of these concern accounting procedures, systems and policies institutions need to have in place in order to receive grants, etc.  As the College reviews and implements these new regulations, we will be sending out emails explaining how specific changes affect them.  One big set of changes in the regs involve our oversight of subawards. OSP has implemented changes to accommodate the new regs in order create minimal impact on researchers.  Here's what you need to know:
1) When we're putting together a grant budget, we may need to ask some additional questions to ensure third parties are classified properly as either subawardees or vendors. Click here to review the criteria we use.
2) OSP Staff will be more vigilant in getting the name of an administrative contact in the Sponsored Program Office at your collaborator's institution during the proposal routing process.  In addition to the budget, scope of work and letter of commitment we still require from collaborators prior to submission, TC, along with all other universities that receive grant funding, will need collaborating institutions to fill out a detailed questionnaire about their financial systems, certain policies and funding history.  This contact information has always been requested.  We now require it so we can work in the background with your collaborator's administrative offices while you're completing the programmatic parts of the proposal.  If an award results from the proposal, the information on the questionnaire may require OSP to follow up with additional questions and to include additional terms and conditions in the resulting subaward agreement.
3) As always, during the course of the project, investigators are required to approve payment of all invoices from subawardees and to notify OSP immediately if there are significant/unexplained delays getting work product from the collaborator, if the work received is fails to meet the requirements of the prime grant award and/or the terms of the subaward, or if the scope of work changes.

The OSP Staff IS:
Paul Kran, Director, OSP, 212/678-4106

Dr. Lois Levy, Research Compliance Manager. Lois's primary role at the College is to serve as staff to the TC IRB , to maintain its records and to ensure its policies and procedures are enforced.  Loid may also be reached at 212/678-4105. 

Natasha Guadalupe, Assistant Director of Client Services, 212-678-8199.  In addition to her duties as Assistant Director, Natasha will still provide SPA services for the following Departments and Centers:

CPRE, CCF, ITS, NCREST, Office of School & Community Partnership, Office of International Affairs, Provost's Office.


Eileen Hawley Nigro, Senior Sponsored Project Administrator, 212-678-8148 (hawley-nigro@tc.edu):

Accelerated Schools, Cahn Fellows,CPET, CTSC, CCRC, Financial Aid, Hechinger, Huber, HD, ILT, IUME, Klingenstein, Library, MST. ORL, Summer Principals Academy.


Kirsten Talgo,  Sponsored Project Administrator, 212-678-4187.   

A&H, BBS, CCP, C&T, EPSA, HBS, Office of Teacher Ed/Peace Corps Fellows, Reading and Writing Project