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About TC United Soccer Club

How It Started, when and why

The TC Soccer Club is in its third year and we would like to welcome the new residents of Bancroft, Grant, Sarasota, Whittier and New Residence Hall. The program was started in the fall of 2006 by Fabio Silva as a way to play soccer, meet people, and get some exercise, and has since gained sponsorship from the Office of Residential Services as a resident-initiated program. From an initial group of about six players, we now have approximately 35 men and women representing over twenty different countries who have joined our games from time to time.


Team Members
Matthew Hyden
Dominic Mentor
Sayid Cato
Genzeb Jan
Stephane berciaud
Holly Brewster
Adam Mitchinson
Antony Mullin
Paul Neira
Dobromir Rahnev
Peng Shi
Nicolas Stahelin
Rodrigo Zoloaga
>>> we expect you  

You are welcome to join the club. If you have questions,

please email to Matthew Hyden


If you are interested in learning more about the soccer program and/or would like to receive email updates about games, parties, and other program activities, send an email to


Web Editor: Genzeb Jan

Games Played

Here comes:

ourstanding point

each game result



Next Intramural Game

Sunday: at 5:30pm at Beker Field

TC UNITED Vs xxxxxxxx

Next Pick up Game
Riverside Park