The Teachers College
Online Advising Program


School counselors, college access professionals, other educators, and community stakeholders play an integral role in the college application process. Students and families who are new to the college application and financial aid process often find themselves lost among forms, deadlines and higher education language that does not resonate with them. Students and families, especially those in underserved high schools, are more likely to report feeling ill-prepared for this process. As a result, many of these students decide not to attend college or limit their possibilities to two-year or under-resourced colleges.

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To assist you throughout your current and/or future work as a college advising professional, we have included a list of various college advising resources and handouts for you to use in your respective educational contexts.


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Program of Study

Through didactic instruction, research based curriculum and readings, peer and experiential learning and practical “hands on” training, the program will cover a multititude of information throughout a series of modules.


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