Captioning Media (Videos, Podcasts, Audio)

Captioning Media (Videos, Podcasts, Audio)

Guidelines for when and what to caption

How to decide which media needs to be sent for captioning and when.


Access TC Digital Media (TCDM) from the myTC portal

Access your TCDM account to submit media for captioning and transcription services. 


Upload a Video to TC Digital Media

Upload your media to submit it for captioning.


Request Auto Captions for a Video in TC Digital Media

Once your media is uploaded, submit it for Auto Captions (ready in approx. 20 min.)


Edit Video Captions in TC Digital Media

Once your Auto Captions are ready, you can review them for accuracy and edit your captions. 


View the caption progress and/or download captions of a video

If you want to check on the progress of your captions, follow these directions.


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