Creating Accessible Content

Creating Accessible Content

WebAIM: Constructing a POUR Website - Putting People at the Center of the Process - Best practices and methods for achieving web accessibility.


WebAIM: PDF Accessibility - Acrobat and Accessibility - Outlines accessibility features and best practices in Acrobat DC and XI.


Federal plain language guidelines | - The official writing guidelines for the Plain Writing Act of 2010


Color Contrast Checker - TPGi - TPGi’s free color contrast checker tool allows you to easily determine the contrast ratio of two colors using an eyedrop tool.


WebAIM: Contrast Checker - Enter a foreground and background color into the check to determine your color contrast ratio.


Creating an Accessible Table in Word - Perkins School for the Blind - Learn how to create a table for your students who use screen readers.

Web Accessibility Checkers

Accessibility Insights - Helps developers find and fix accessibility issues.


ANDI (Accessible Name & Description Inspector) -  ANDI is a "favelet" or "bookmarklet" that will detect accessibility issues, reveal what a screen reader should say for interactive elements, give practical suggestions to improve accessibility, and check 508 compliance.


axe: Accessibility Testing Tools and Software -  A digital accessibility toolkit for developers, testers, and designers.


Photosensitive Epilepsy Analysis Tool (PEAT) - Trace Research & Development Center - This is a free, downloadable resource for developers to identify seizure risks in their web content and software.

WAVE Web Accessibility Evaluation Tools - Evaluation tools that help authors make their web content more accessible to individuals with disabilities.

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