Learning Outcomes

The Advanced Certificate in Adult Learning and Leadership for Medical Educators program is designed and facilitated in conjunction with physicians and other medical professionals in order to best target the most important educational capabilities needed in today’s healthcare settings. The curriculum enables participants to cultivate key capabilities as medical educators, and to lead organizational learning systems in their institutions that optimize performance. 

Participants will gain critical skills to help them succeed in the increasingly complex medical education environment. These skills include, but are not limited to, an ability to:

  1. Understand and articulate a philosophy of practice for facilitating adult learning in medical settings  
  2. Apply and select relevant learning theories, techniques, strategies and models
  3. Enhance assessments to improve course and curricula design
  4. Develop facilitation skills to lead interdisciplinary, multicultural and global teams
  5. Master appropriate methods for providing effective and constructive feedback for coaching and leading others
  6. Identify a personal leadership style to increase the capacity to be both a learning leader and innovative research scholar
  7. Work on self-selected educational and/or institutional research projects with a collaborative team
  8. Conduct educational-based research leading to publications at conferences or in peer-reviewed journals
  9. Develop an ongoing community of practice with other scholar-practitioners passionate about medical education
  10. Identify critical learning opportunities for organizational change and influencing an organization’s future
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