Student Profile

Profile of Our Participants

The certificate program is designed for physicians who currently hold, or aspire to hold, educational leadership roles and responsibilities within institutions or healthcare provider communities. These physicians may be teachers or directors of programs, fellowships, residencies, clerkships and/or undergraduate medical education, graduate medical education, continuing medical education and/or professional development.

Please note: This program is designed for Allopathic physicians (MDs) and/or Osteopathic physicians (DOs). Read below for other attributes of the ideal student who would benefit from enrolling in this program.

  • Assistant or associate professors with at least five years post-residency experience who want to access broader leadership or teaching responsibilities (e.g., program director or full professor level)
  • Program directors, residency program directors and fellowship directors who need to redesign learning programs, interact with senior stakeholders, and lead other faculty
  • Ambitious new graduates with a passion for education
  • Those who wish to deepen the theoretical underpinning of their education practice
  • Those who want to fast track to gain the capability to step into advanced roles in medical education.

Common motivators for participants:

  • A realization that one’s current teaching skills are limiting professional development and performance
  • A desire to make a bigger impact on learners in their role as a medical educator
  • A need to design more robust and innovative educational programs
  • An interest in cultivating the skills to take on advanced leadership roles
  • A passion to stand out and raise one’s profile in the medical educational community
  • A desire to enhance one’s skills to help move one’s organization into the future
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