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Bilingual Extension Institute

Institute Evaluations

Student evaluations of the Institute

“I speak Spanish, so I have an idea of how learning two languages impacts your learning. What really pushed me to do the program was that I wanted to have the background, and actual credentials, to be able to better meet the needs of bilingual students. So having all this information about preschool, typically developing kids, and children who may or may not have disordered speech, it’s very helpful to see different levels of skills and be able to compare them to the kids that I’ve seen in the past and the kids that I have now.”

-Sara-Jean Bartky, MS, CCC-SLP, TSSLD
Speech-Language Pathologist in Northern CA
Online Institute, 2017

“I feel my confidence in working with multilingual students during service delivery, as well as advocating for students during the IEP/evaluation process, has increased significantly. I now feel I have the resources and research to reinforce the ideas and approaches that I am using. Before the Institute, I had a solid basis of information and experience, but now I have the confidence and resources to back my ideas up when working with families and colleagues.”

–Joanna Pfister, M.A., CCC-SLP
Bilingual (Spanish/English) Speech-Language Pathologist in Framingham, Massachusetts
Online Institute, 2017

“I am putting into practice everything I have learned regarding ethnographic interviews and dynamic assessment, in order to paint a true picture of a child. The program is well organized, interconnected, and interactive. From the first to the last day, I felt supported by professors and my mentor, who answered all my questions and provided feedback on my assignments.”

–Bellkis Fuentes, M.A., CCC-SLP, TSSLD BE
Speech-Language Pathologist in Queens, New York
Online Institute, 2017